It’s been all quiet on the Breakaway front of late, if their new single Restart is anything to go by – which it is – it’s going to be some time before things are quiet again for the band.

The single is is a tidal wave of sound. A mountain of drums caught on a blizzard of guitar and vocals. It’s nature big. We spoke to vocalist Sam Biland about the track, how it sets us up for their impending debut album and how it’ll all go down live.

The Neversphere: Sam, thank you so much for chatting man. Breakaway haven’t just returned, you’ve come back swinging with Restart. It’s a titanic single. I have to ask – what was it like for you hearing it back for the first time?

Sam: I distinctly remember the first time I heard it back, looking around the room and seeing the smile on everyone’s face, we couldn’t believe it was our band. It was definitely a turning point in the recording process for us and the moment we knew we were onto some of the best songs we had ever written. It’s funny because 24 hours earlier it was a completely different song, one that we weren’t even sure would make the record.

The Neversphere: Restart exists within Breakaway’s universe, but it feels like the band had to travel to the furthest possible quadrant to get there, where did the drive come from to venture into uncharted territory?

Sam: It’s weird. It didn’t seem like we were travelling to the furtherest possible quadrant, it was more like we were coming home. This record feels more like we are ourselves than we have been before. It was more about finding the confidence to be ourselves and make the record we wanted to make, not what people expected from us and not emulating what other people have created before.

The Neversphere: Thematically it’s a crazy relatable track – doubting whether one is worth the solace found in true love (as well as other perils of being human). A lot of fans will really be able to plug into this, what do you hope they walk away with that they can use in their personal stories?

Sam: That’s exactly it. I spent months doubting everything about myself and questioning if I was even worth someone’s time, it took months of being in that mind set until I learnt to let go of my past.

For me that was falling victim to fraud and losing everything I had, the end of a 2-and-a-half-year relationship and my constant battle with bipolar (I’m currently winning). When I learnt to let go and move on, I learnt to love not only someone else, but myself again and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I literally had to “Restart” my life.

My hope is that someone listens to the track and walks away realising they can let go of anything, no matter what life has thrown at them.

It’s how you let it affect you that defines you, letting go allows you to be open to experiences again and open your eyes to reality.

The Neversphere: The track is the first warning shot from your debut album. Where is the bands’ head at with this, do you want to make a debut that defines everything Breakaway stands for, or would you prefer for it to be a snapshot of what the band currently is?

Sam: I don’t think it’s possible to encompass everything we stand for in just one album. I feel like as the lyricist especially, I have so much more to say, which is great starting to write album number 2. I feel like defining everything breakaway stands for is more of a career goal for us spanning over multiple albums.

With this album we wanted to tell our stories of everything we have been through over the last few years and the fact that no matter how dark or challenging life got we managed to overcome everything, in hopes that other people find comfort in that and never give up on themselves.

We are always growing as people, we are always learning new things about ourselves and our surroundings. I like to think our records will grow the same way.

The Neversphere: You’re now approaching your debut album. You already clocked some studio hours with your EP One Minute / One Moment in 2012, how well did that process set you up for the full-length effort?

I’ll be honest, it did not prepare us at all for the emotional rollercoaster that is creating an album. The EP was written and recorded within 3 months of meeting each other, we only had the songs we had at the time.

With the album we spent a solid year and a half writing and recording. We wrote so many songs that didn’t make the record this time and we had to learn to let go of a lot of songs we were emotionally invested in. That can be incredibly hard until that moment you can look back over the entire record with pride and know that you made all the right decisions and put everything you had into a record. This record is better than we ever thought we were capable of; I still pinch myself every time I listen through.

The Neversphere: Since you dropped EP you’ve pricked up the ears of many publications and reached millions of people. Not a common thing for bands prior to their debut. Throughout the album process, could you feel all these eyes watching you the whole time?

What we achieved with the EP was far beyond what we thought possible, during the album process we didn’t really take that pressure into account; we knew it would only hold us back. I like the idealism that Travis Barker has; Treat every album like it’s the first thing you’re putting out into the world. Like no one knows you exist and to do what’s natural and feels right, to draw from your experiences.

It wasn’t until we finished recording and it suddenly dawned on us “shit what if people don’t like our album?”, “What if people hate songs we love?” but I think that’s pretty normal for any musician releasing something they are so proud of and attached to. So far the response has been amazing and so positive.

The Neversphere: Now you’re getting the show on the road. Restart is anthemic and big, it plays like it was made to be belted out live. How much of the album was informed by your live show?

I think the record as a whole was definitely influenced by the kind of live show we aspire to create, though as people eventually hear the record they might be surprised by several tracks. I think our record is quite diverse, but tied together by some sonic and lyrical themes

The Neversphere: You don’t have to scroll too far through your socials to see fans are ecstatic you’re back in their speakers with the first new single in two years, will you be rewarding their patience by airing some other new tracks throughout the tour?

Those who come along to the shows will get to hear more than a couple of songs from our forthcoming album.

Breakaway ‘Restart’ Australian Tour Dates
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Saturday, September 24th
The Lair, Sydney (Lic/aa)
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Saturday, October 8th
Milk Bar, Brisbane (18+)
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Sunday, October 9th
Foundry Records, Brisbane (Aa)
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Friday, October 14th
Wrangler Studios, Melbourne (Aa)
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Saturday, October 15th
Workers Club, Melbourne (18+)
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Sunday, October 16th
Enigma Bar, Adelaide (Lic/aa)
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