Darks Souls III… Probably the hardest and most rewarding game I’ve completed… other than the first Dark Souls. Coming from the twisted mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki, Dark Souls III is a world of brutal violence, unexpected beauty, intrigue and overwhelming frustration. We’ve been waiting for months but it has finally been announced that Dark Souls III DLC is on the way.


... not a bad view.

The Kingdom of Lothric isn’t has its moments.


In 2015 it was announced that Dark Souls III was on its way to PS4 and Xbox One… surely it had to be better than Dark Souls II.

Regardless of expectations, Dark Souls III was in my PS4 on day one. While starting the game I had to stop and listen to the opening score in its entirety. Straight off the bat it was evident that this game was going to be fucking epic.

When getting acquainted with the game play it was clear the mechanics in Dark Souls III are polished, deep and open for the player to explore. This game doesn’t hold you by the hand. That may frustrate some gamers but it surely is part of the game’s magic. Dark Souls III isn’t a graphical masterpiece but the Kingdom of Lothric looks gorgeous nonetheless.

As I struggled through the levels it was evident that large mobs of enemies were commonplace in this game, requiring precise timing and well executed strategy. As if the NPCs weren’t enough yet another layer of the game unfolds when you received the dreaded notification “Invaded by dark spirit…”. Let the PVP begin.


Can't we just be friends?

Can’t we just be friends?


Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can...

In Dark Souls Patience is a virtue…


Like with the other Souls games the player will likely invest hour upon hour trying to figure out where the hell to go whilst battling through hordes of enemies who can end your life with ease. This means constant death and failure. The result of which is being sent all the way back to the last bonfire you lit.

You will die over and over again.

Once important items in an area are collected and the optimum route is known it is time to sprint to that next bonfire. It’s an exhausting experience.

Some claim the game is too hard and that there should be an ‘easy’ mode. There is, it is called multiplayer. Good old ‘jolly cooperation’. Get your friends online and go about destroying enemies and invaders together.


Dark Souls 'easy mode'

Dark Souls ‘easy mode’


Dark Souls III will see new content added on October 25. The new DLC ‘Ashes of Ariandel’ promises new weapons, new pyromancies, miracles and sorceries, and a PVP devoted map. Little has been revealed about the continuation of the story but the snowy Ariandel looks like fun. This DLC will set you back US$14.99 or US$24.99 if you choose to bundle next years DLC too.



We’ll get back to you once we’ve battled our way through the DLC. In the meantime if you’re looking for a bit of Dark Souls inspiration check out Oroboro’s YouTube channel. The dude is a beast.