Though there is no flora or fauna in this crater shot, I chose this image because this moment was the moment I realised that you cannot capture some of No Man Sky’s vistas in a single screenshot.

Sadly there is no wide angle lens in this game

Sadly there is no wide angle lens in this game

There have been other vistas. Planet-rises on moons that were so small the curvature was perceptible underfoot, above 5 planets in a straight line in a purple night sky. High cliffs above endless shimmering green oceans, with even higher cliffs under the surface.

It might not be much of a game, as they say, it might just be a glorified tech demo. I don’t seem to care. I do get bored, mind you, but it’s not the typical kind of boredom. It’s a sense of overwhelm at the distances and scope of everything around me.

On the other hand, some of the rules No Man’s Sky has broken have created more interesting solar systems and planets than have yet been discovered. I swear I saw a planet that was actually orbiting another, without being a moon. Physics?
In any case, I leave you with the most visually pleasing planet I’ve yet found. I think I named it P3, but in hindsight it clearly should have been some kind of psychedelic reference… I particularly liked the flying jellyfish…

…did I mention I tried to scroll the star map to its centre? Yeah, don’t do that. 18 quintillion is a big number.



Image Journal


“The sun is always brightest on the days I wake to find my life in pieces…”


NMS-pulse engine-orange

“Like a bullet without a target, I head steadily into the hopeful unknown”


A ship beloning to one of many travellers encountered at a space station

“Like the other Space Stations this one hosts other forms of intelligent life, other travellers. Either the language barrier, a lack of interest, or both has resulted in all our interactions being purely economic.”


Bipedal Butterfly Dinosaur




“I travel the space between familiar and unknown, never spending enough time in either to settle.”



“The beauty of this planet is undeniable. I paused to admire their timing. An elegant minuet in this brutal cosmic ballet.”



“So different, but together, at least. I thought of her today for the first time in lightyears.”



“I found him in a small out post. He knows I’m here. Yet refuses to acknowledge me.  I feel his scans go through my every thought, but he comments on none of them.”


No Man's Sky Spelunking

“Salvation from toxicity.”


No Man's Sky Monolith

“At the cave’s exit I was greeted by an unusual monolith, fear gripped me as I endured the first murderous test. “


14060011_10154473490904809_1064151144_o (1)

No Man’s Sky

More entries to come…