You’d be hard-pressed to find a band that had as much of an impact on heavy music as Atreyu. Even years after they hung up their leads, their spirit lived on through the wave of artists who would go on to create the metalcore movement. The cheeky shred, the duelling clean/scream vocals – Atreyu were one of the first to master the sound we now know so well.

Now, the band hasn’t just returned, they’ve released a brand new album Long Live, and have taken it all over the world. This October Atreyu are touring Australia with their brothers-in-arms, Bullet For My Valentine.  This is their second trip Down Under since Soundwave 2015, a worthy feat, but speaking to guitarist, Dan Jacobs, it doesn’t sound like it took much convincing…

Dan Jacobs: Australia is definitely one of the best places in the world for us to go. It’s so similar to Southern California but with a twist on it – weather-wise and everything. We’re use to sun all-year-round so going to Australia it’s like ‘Oh this is just like home, we can do this.’

For us, I like to call them ‘playcations’. Last year we played Soundwave and some of our signification others came out. From there we went to New Zealand and Tahiti, and Hawaii on the way back, since we were already out there. It was way cheaper because the band paid for most of the flights.
The Neversphere: That sounds like a tough life.
Dan: It’s rough but somebodies gotta do it. It’s gotta be done.
The Neversphere: Soundwave would have been a blast, but it must be awesome to return with just your boys, Bullet For My Valentine and Cane Hill.
Dan: I’m excited to see what that vibe will be like. The festival run we just did blew our minds. We had no idea what to expect coming back to Australia after years away, but the response so far has us extremely excited. We’re playing with Bullet, who are a very similar band to us, and Cane Hill who are just brutal as hell and so unique. It’s going to be a crushing tour. Anyone who comes are going to get their ears blown off.

It’s such a good vibe. Everything about it…the bands, all the areas we’re playing. I think some of the shows sold out already. I’m not sure if we’re going to add dates (Edit: They did) but it’s all going well, it’s going to be a good time.
The Neversphere: Now that you guys are in full swing again, are you doing anything different this time round?
Dan: Well, we eased back into it. We haven’t been doing heavy, heavy touring. We haven’t done any 5…6…8 week tours… Just kind of breaking it up a bit so we don’t boil over our sanity point. Not that we can’t go longer, but after taking that amount of time off it’s good to get our feet wet first before we tackle anymore than we’re already doing.

The Neversphere: Are you starting to get the itch to hit the road on those bigger tours yet?
Dan: Yes and no [laughs]. We’re stoked on the opportunity…but being gone for that long, no matter what you’re doing, is tough. It’s a long time to be gone…Unless you’re one of those really, really huge bands, like the Rolling Stone type bands who can do whatever they want essentially.

If they’re doing a European they fly to Paris and set up a hub, then fly to a show in London, fly back to Paris and stay there for three nights until go to the next show in Hungary or whatever. You can relax; you can bring your family with you. It’s more of a vacation and you just play shows here and there. So I doubt that gets tough.

But if you’re a band in a van or some shit like that, Oooft. It can be gruelling. It really tests your patience and how bad you really want it, you know?

The Neversphere: So Atreyu isn’t yearning to get back in touch with your roots and do a van tour?
Dan: Ideally, no. Going back to your roots basically means you can’t afford it. No one goes back to their roots if they want to [laughs]. We paid our dues.
The Neversphere: And, in Australia at least, you wont be targets for, ya know, serial killers…
Dan: Exactly!
The Neversphere: You released your latest album Long Live last year, how was it getting back into the mindset of Atreyu?
Dan: It was actually one of the easiest albums for us to write. We were all so excited when it came time to do this, especially from the response from fans; it was like ‘oh, maybe we’re onto something here’.

We had a lot of ideas and we’ve all been writing together for so long. Brandon, Alex and myself had been writing together for 20 years, so we have a chemistry that we’ve had for a long time. We know exactly how we all think and what everybody brings to the table.

We were pumping songs out pretty quick, sometimes two in a day. We’d send them over to Alex and he’d quickly have something back for us. It was fun…I wouldn’t be surprised if by next year we’re seriously writing again for the next album.


The Neversphere: What has it been like playing these new songs next to and in between songs you wrote two decades ago?
Dan: Yeah, it’s interesting for us. Once you play them a little bit, you get a feel for them live, they all kind of blend in. Even back then we were releasing records thinking we were being dramatically different, trying to evolve and what not.

Now, looking back at it all in the big picture, we kind of bounced around in our sound with each album, but it all sounds like Atreyu. This album is the same. Playing these songs with the other songs is interesting how, even years later, they all just flow together and it just feels like our own thing. It’s really enjoyable.

The Neversphere: Well we’re all certainly to see it when you’re here…
Dan: We won’t disappoint.



Atreyu Australian Tour Dates

Sunday, October 23rd
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Destroy All Lines


Supporting Bullet For My Valentine
with Cane Hill

Thursday, October 20th
Metro City, Perth – 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, October 21st
HQ, Adelaide – 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Monday, October 24th
170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Tuesday, October 25th – SOLD OUT
170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Thursday, October 27th
Big Top, Sydney – Lic A/A
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, October 28th
Eatons Hill, Brisbane – Lic A/A
Tickets: Destroy All Lines