The Battlefield 1 Beta is done. At around 6pm last night (8th September) the servers slowly closed, one by one. Given the amount of hours clocked up in-house alone, we’re assuming the Beta copped an absolute flogging worldwide. That means developers DICE are going to have a lot of data to sift through before they release the final version.

Now they’ve seen how we play and interact with the new software, they’ll be making some adjustments. Sure, there are some minor bugs and glitches, that’s to be expected on a Beta. We thought we’d help them out a bit by throwing together a list of the Beta’s greatest achievements, just so DICE know what not to amend.

Got it, DICE? What not to amend.

Things to keep the same, yeah?



The Intense Dogfights

The dogfights in Battlefield 4 and Battlefront could get fairly intense. However, you were disconnected from the experience. You kind of know how high-tech fighter jets are, or how Y-Wings would be… in theory. Still, there you are, zipping around and engaging the enemy with just a joystick and a couple of buttons.

In the early years of aviation the fighters, bombers, and attack planes had a similar amount of instrumentation as the PS4 controller albeit probably less technology. Thankfully, Battlefield 1 has no preset evasive manoeuvres, auto-lock, or aim-assist features for the aircraft. These factors combined result in some frantic game play. Coupled with the visual of wooden planks being shot off, and the dire chokes and splutters of the engine, you can’t help but feel as though this is 5-10% of what it was to actually be The Red Baron…

The planes are slow enough to, A) take out infantry, and; B) be taken out by infantry. In previous games, air vehicles were more or less left in their own realm, but in BF1 the planes are as much a part of the ground skirmish as the tanks.


Killing People On Horse Back

Let me lay this out nice and clear. Killing people on horse-back is the most bad ass part of BF1. You won’t have the option to use scopes (horse-back, remember?), but you can hip-fire, which results in some awesomely unexpected kills. But that’s not what will keep you hovering above the ‘Horse’ icon for minutes waiting for another spawn…

The ‘Sabre’ is what’ll make you do that. The horse gives you the option to swap to a legit, straight-up sword. Slashing down on an enemy is instant death. That is, if you can position the horse correctly. Currently, in the Beta it appears that you can be 1ft away and miss, or 10ft away and connect; but even with the glitches it’s a brilliant sequence of events.

The addition of horses made me a little nervous to be honest. I hate horses, but I’m still not going to enjoy watching them slaughtered en mass, even digitally. DICE no doubt felt the same and have made the horses about as strong as a tank.


All Of The Sound FX

War, in modern times, became such a silent affair. Advances in technology mean you can fire rounds without making a sound, and equipment rattles a whole lot less. Hell, you won’t even hear an attack chopper these days until it’s directly above you.

That was not the case during WWI. The bombastic sound effects of the game immerse you in the atmosphere of the Sinai Peninsula. The dust storms, tread of sand under-foot, and the sounds of the horses – there’s so much depth to the natural soundscape alone.

Then there’s the weaponry. Half the experience is seeing what you’ve done to the enemy, the other half is hearing it. Screams, explosions, engines choking, a high-caliber gun hurling rounds through a small town and, of course, the approaching death-train. That goddamn, hateful, death-train.

The Death-Train Of Death

While technically not called ‘The Death-Train of Death,’ I feel that name is apt. For it is truly the harbinger of death. From ‘miles’ away you’ll hear the whistle of it’s horn, and you’ll know that death is creeping ever closer. It won’t be quick, either. It’ll be messy.

The Death-Train operates on rails with players able to occupy various mounted turrets across it. It’s not dissimilar to the AT-AT from Battlefront, except this time, much like the planes, the train requires some finesse. Those who remember Battlefront will remember carelessly darting in front of, along side, and underneath the AT-AT without too much stress. Don’t try to do that to the Death Train of Death. Those inside will pick you off before you can go prone in a crater or behind a dune. If the train isn’t on your team, it’s probably best to just stay away.

The Simplicity Of The Weapons

The weapons in Battlefield 1 are awesome. They’re inaccurate, they feel cumbersome, and it’s clear that a significant amount of effort has been put into separating the weapons into different zones of effectiveness. I couldn’t find an LMG weapon that behaved like my beloved AWS from BF4; the one I could run around with destroying people from any range. Nor could I easily hip-fire my sniper rifle in close quarters combat. It’s a great change that means that choosing a class will actually alter the way you have to approach the battlefield. Variety is the spice of life, after-all.

Being an avid ‘hardcore’ Battlefield player, I couldn’t let get over the frustration of shooting some fool in the face and him not dying… I mean everyone is wearing trench coats and hats, not Kevlar and helmets. This point was emphasised when I set my head-shot marker to blue. As long as a hardcore mode is included in Battlefield 1, everything will be alright.


Tank Warfare

Simply put, tanks in BF1 are a destructive force. Slow, but powerful. Having said that, taking tanks out is a fairly easy task, as long as your team is working together. If your team lacks communication, tanks can cause huge problems for infantry and aircraft alike, drastically altering the flow of the battlefield. Luckily, DICE provided us with the assault class. Getting two or three skilled assault classes within close range of these clumsy tanks will see the tank removed from the battlefield pretty quickly.

Mastering these metal beasts will be an easy way to boost your KD, and help remove those pesky bombers from the sky… Please DICE, don’t nerf them… just give it some time for people to work things out.

Such an epic game…

Shout out to ffsjoe for letting us use his incredible pilot headshot video. That blood splatter was ridiculous.