Destiny has become one of the most popular First Person Shooters in recent memory. As devotees eye off the approach of the next DLC, Rise Of Iron (out 20th September), that popularity is sure to rise exponentially.

You know our guy Strider Larson A.K.A The Real KicknWing has something to say about it…


Everyone who has been addicted to an MMO knows what it’s like to find and then lose that Hook. That Hook that keeps you playing it until the early hours of the morning. That Hook that makes you think the game is worth playing on a sunny day, blinds drawn shut. In the past that Hook has even resulted in dead children, due to parental neglect… Heavy, we know.

Every MMO worth its salt knows that regular expansions and DLCs are a must to keep players trapped inside their digital world, or to get those who have left the game hooked again… and again… and again

Having hit max light level, regularly competed in Trials Of Osiris and beaten the raids for months on end, I lost my hook and hadn’t played Destiny in a while. Now that Rise of Iron is closing in on us, less than a month away, I figured maybe it’s time to slay some guardians in the crucible and get a hunter up to lvl40 in preparation.


After a couple of hours at it, I finally relented and admitted that Destiny had me again. Just the excitement for some new content alone has given Destiny new life for me. Bungie has promised new weapons, armour, a new strike, new raid and a new crucible mode, along with the standard quality improvements that you’d expect with an expansion.

… And just for nostalgia’s sake Gjallarhorn is returning, the year one rocket launcher that we all love and hate.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Let’s not be caught off guard…

Although I am readily submitting to being sucked back into Destiny for a few new features and extra content, I am fully aware that Rise Of Iron essentially is filler to keep people interested until Destiny II comes out.

This doesn’t mean I won’t play it to death. I’m as nerdy as it gets but it does leave us with the question… Will these few extras in the Rise of Iron DLC (together with a lack of matchmaking for raids) be enough to hook the less nerdy of us? I mean, I have buddies to raid with but some people are just casual gamers. Problems with matchmaking will often deter gamers who aren’t absorbed in an MMOs community and continuing to overlook the casual gamer is a bit of a problem. A problem we hope Bungie and other developers address…


Stay posted with The Neversphere for more on Destiny as the date for Rise of Iron closes in and we determine whether or not this expansion is all it’s cracked up to be.


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