For years, Melbourne rockers Jericco have been a regular feature on the live music seen nationwide. Anyone within the trenches of the local scene were sure to have caught them at one stage – hell, even by accident.

For 7 years, the band gigged and released – dropping 2 EPs, 2 full-length albums and 1 live album. So it wouldn’t have been an easy decision to take to socials earlier in the week and announce their impending break-up pending one final hoorah at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.

Rather than simply walking off into the Good Night, Jericco has left us with some strands of their wisdom via founding member Roy Amar. Things they have picked up over the years: Lessons they have learnt via a steep curves that they are sharing now to save others the headache.

From the importance of looking good, to navigating the treacherous waters of the industry; Jerrico saw some shit, you guys. And here’s some of it.


ED. Note: We strongly recommend you have this playing in the background for full effect…



Make good music and establish the hell out of your brand. 

It’s tough out there. Like really, really tough – almost impossible, but not quite; it’s all possible if you just believe in what you do and work your butt off! I think some bands are getting lazy these days (just from what we came across, mind you) expecting everything to fall in their laps.

The industry has changed so bloody much… The Internet, record labels, venues, radio stations, management groups… No one takes punches these days… You have to do it all on your own until you get picked up or you get too big to take care of the logistics part of it all.

You want to make things happen for yourself?? Start with writing and producing an awesome product. Then make sure you’re looking classy, your band’s press pics, socials, web and merch.

Everything. Must. Look. Amazing.

Prepare for the industry showdown. 

If you are serious about your band and not sure how to do things right: Ask someone… But expect nothing for free. Expect favours instead. Hold onto these for as late in your career as possible when you can give something in return, or when already established a proper friendship or relationship. Any professional manager, publicist, or industry person… you must pay for this service, like anything in life you get what you pay for…

Conventions like Face The Music in Melbourne, BIGSOUND in Brisbane and many more are a great place to seek advice, mingle and in the weeks after – do business. I highly recommended going to these types of events at any stage of your career.

When you have your product in your hands… Do your homework, pick your publicist and put it out there… Throw your shit on that wall as hard as you can, if it’s good it will stick up there and won’t fall down…



Create your community. 

Always channel with other bands in your genre especially in your city and your scene. It means everything…Support your mate’s bands, don’t compete with them.

Keep your fans close to you. Always talk with everyone who wants to talk with you at your shows and other shows you’re attending. Keep your newsletters consistent (don’t spam)… Your mailing list is your strongest weapon – not how many likes you get on Facebook especially these days when the reach is absolute rubbish. Most businesses pay good money to get their posts out there.

Numbers at the door are the real deal and are a pretty good indication of how your band is really doing. Brutal, hey? Numbers never lie.

Always respect your instrument, respect your band mates and make sure they all do the same. Looking classy and being pro on socials will not take you very far without an amazing live performance…Practice, practice, practice.

It may sound strange coming from us but not breaking up is 50% of your success.

Don’t be a douchebag…

It happens more and more these days: People going on insane rants, trolls or preaching while hiding behind their big words. It’s about the music, mate, and not about some crap you read on the Internet, leave politics to the politicians, you can and should always say what you believe in but don’t drill it to others.

I’ll rephrase that point to be more positive…Be a good person… 

The music industry is a tiny place and people remember…Always be a good representative. Your band is your family, so represent it well.

One thing that I learnt and it’s very hard to admit…

Make sure you enjoy the ride and don’t always be worried about the whole, wide world… One day it will be over (in various shapes or forms) and all you will remember is how stressful the last decade was.

I am very grateful about everything we have been through as a band. We kicked some huge butts out there, toured with our favourite bands, partied like there is no tomorrow, reached to our fans with our music and that is what it’s all about.

Today I manage bands and in a way I am experiencing the whole process again, just with so much more understanding and experience. I am always hungry to learn more and I never stop asking questions.

And neither should you.


Jericco Farewell Show: 2009 – 2016
Tickets available now.

Saturday, November 5th
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Bear Parts Music