Fresh from their recent stint of representing Australian talent at Music Matters in Singapore, Melbourne’s Maefire have returned to home soil with a brand new single Crawling, which now has accompanying visual stimulus.

The track is a widely accessible entry into the annals of Australian rock. The intricate composition, breaching vocals and razor sharp production put the track’s message of love, loss and an inability to cope at the forefront. Which, as far we are are concerned, is a vibe just about anyone of us can get down too.

We caught up with guitarist Cameron Eaton to peak under the hood of Crawling.

The Neversphere: You’ve recently returned from Music Matters in Singapore. You’re one of very few Australian artists to play this festival, what did you take away from the experience?
Cameron: Music Matters! What an experience! We took away international culture, heard new bands and networked heavily to help further our band. It was a privilege to be invited to such a broad festival and we also learned tonnes at the conferences too!
The Neversphere: Just before your departure, you dropped your current single Crawling. To start off, tell us a bit about the story and message behind the song.
Cameron: Crawling is a cryptic love song – a song of unwavering devotion to another – to be hooked on someone else like a drug and feel unworthy, despite knowing all their secrets and intentions.
The Neversphere: The song is clearly a very personal offering. Given the bands rising profile, what was it like writing such a personal song, that was going to be heard by so many people?
Cameron: The lyrics for crawling are so relatable to everyone, yet so personal that it flowed quite easily once the melody was established. It is challenging to create depth to a song, but if you stay clever enough the listener can create their own visions and interpretation, it’s what makes so many songs incredible. Hopefully our audience can appreciate that when they hear the song!
The Neversphere: In terms of the instrumentality of Crawling, it’s sparse which gives the sense that every note and every beat has a specific purpose. Was it a challenge to keep things so minimal?
Cameron: As a band we are so proud of Crawling. Each note and lyric is thought out to create the greatest depth and impact we could achieve. We often questioned the minimalism of the song during the writing process, but kept faith that the groove would carry it and that the hooks where strong enough to maintain attention. Once we recorded it those doubts where instantly washed away – In our opinion it came out a very strong song.

The Neversphere: Crawling’s older sibling Without You is a much more up-tempo affair. However, the tracks seem to share a similar theme of love, loss and an inability to cope. It almost feels like Crawling is the hangover from Without You, is there a common theme here?
Cameron: Absolutely! Crawling is the aftermath of an intense and lustful relationship, if the listener hears/sees a connection between the two songs we seem to be doing our jobs of creating vision and story well!

The Neversphere: You were working on your sophomore EP at the end of 2015; these tracks are from that session. How well do they set us up for what’s contained on the whole EP?

Cameron: We’ve done our best to create a consistent listening experience so the other songs (while structured and written differently in their own rights) will carry similar production values. Each song on the EP deals with new topics, be it relationships to personal struggle, and hopefully it will be relatable and enjoyable!
The Neversphere: How do the new tracks go down live? Were they written and recorded with the live show in mind? Or do you find that can stifle your creativity?
Cameron: The songs were written with the intention of sounding different; playing them live never crossed our minds while writing. So when it came to crunch time it was a challenge to pull it all off as best we could. I think we get by quite alright! We still even manage to add new and extra parts live, maintaining the entertainment levels we usually bring.
The Neversphere: So, where is your collective head at with a full-length album? Or am I asking too much…
Cameron: A full length is a little much to ask for…unless we have backing for it [laughs]…however, you never know, the aim of this band has always been to be unique and a step ahead. We pride ourselves on presenting everything we do in as many different ways as possible!