Since the release of their 2007 full-length debut, A Lesson in Romantics, pop-rockers Mayday Parade have been a regular presence in the lives of their Australian fans. Either it was through the albums routinely released every two years, or the eventual Australian tour dates that would soon follow, we soon became one of their most loyal and devoted markets.

This October, the band will be returning Down Under in a headline capacity, bringing with them their current album Black Lines which will be turning one during the run. The album was a big departure from the band we know, who have injected gallons of grit, attitude and distortion into this album. It is sure to go down as their heaviest yet.

We spoke to guitarist and delightful Human Being Brooks Betts about the upcoming Australian tour, how the album went down with the fans, and the current score on new jams. Brooks was in the middle of enjoying some hard earned down time…



Brooks: We have have some time off from the road. Warped tour ended not too long ago and yeah, just sitting at a burger joint [Laughs]… You always need a little time between tours, these days anyway. We’ll do a little writing, a little demoing, work on the house, work on relationships, those sorts of things.

The Neversphere: How long before you get the itch these days?

Brooks: It use to be only a couple of weeks! Now, I don’t really get the itch [laugh]. I’d say if you’re off for two months, that’s plenty of time. Then you can go on the road and it’ll be fun and new again, but after 10 years anything will start to feel like that. So when you get that 2 months at home, that becomes routine too. You want to get back on the road with your friends and play some music.

The Neversphere: But surely you’re itching to get back to Australia, right?

Brooks: Oh yeah, man for sure. Australia is always great. It’s a really interesting way of traveling because we fly to each city. It’s short and sweet. Not too long of a run, so it’s good for that too. The only thing that sucks is the flight over there, but other than that I really can’t complain about it at all.

The Neversphere: I’m so very sorry about that flight…

Brooks: Yeah… and for some reason my tailbones has been messing with me lately, so it’ll be real fun…[Laughs]

The Neversphere: A bunch of shows have sold out, you sold out your last tour in Australian tour as well. What’s it been like watching this relationship between Australia and Mayday Parade grow?

Brooks: We go between Australia, England, the US and Canada… They’re the best places for us to travel. It’s really cool to be able to bounce out of the US and have these other places that we can count on, otherwise we’d be going around in circles doing the same runs, which would get boring for the fans. So we’ve been so grateful to have places like Australia to expand into.

The Neversphere: You’ll be heading down this time with Black Lines! The record was met with critical acclaim, but it would be interesting to know if fans ‘got it’ as it was a bit of a departure from your previous albums…

Brooks: I think in general it’s down from other records. It hasn’t caught on as quick, but it’s a very different record. I always compare it to something like The Starting Line’s Direction, where no one was really into it – I wasn’t into that record for like a year until I finally gave it another chance and listened to it again, now I love the record.

So I dunno, it’s getting close to a year and it has not hit as hard as the other records have yet. It’s always hard to tell if it’s timing, or if’s the record itself that’s just taking some time to pick up.

I love it. I mean, the other guys feel good about it. I’m still stoked on it and I really hope we can continue in that direction. I listened to the whole thing the other night when I was having some beers outside on the porch, and I thought ‘I gotta speak to the guys to make sure nobody else is starting to feel like departing from the poppy stuff was a mistake’. That record sounds so good to me. I think we you put out a few more in that vain the people will start to get it a bit more.

The Neversphere: It seems as though you really enjoyed the opportunity to stretch your wings out in the writing and recording stages of the album…

Brooks: Yeah, I guess that comes with being in a band for a while, getting comfortable and becoming more adventurous, because you’ve done everything else over and over for several records. And I think as we get older we get more into the rock stuff. I think it was on purpose. It’s just an evolution of the band really.

The Neversphere: How does it all go down in a live setting? Is there a lot of translating that needs to happen?

Brooks: It’s a lot of fun. I enjoy them – they’re some of my favourite songs we’ve ever done. I think they lend themselves well to playing live. The way that we recorded them was purposely done to capture more of what we sound like live anyway, so these work really well in our set.



The Neversphere: So you mentioned you were currently demoing, how much can you reveal about the direction of the next record?

Brooks: Haha I can’t really reveal anything. I’ll say that personally, when I write I end up writing a lot more on the rock / alternative more 90’s side of things. I dunno, I miss that sound. I think there’s a lot of individualism in a lot of the Black Lines tracks. I think that came from a more raw and experimental place.

When I sit down and write, I usually try to bring something nostalgic, something that feels that way. I’ve actually noticed that the key to writing 90’s songs is major chords. In succession and also in places that they shouldn’t be [Laughs].

So anyway. I’m always trying to do something different. From where I’m coming from, I’m trying to write a more rock, more aggressive than I have in the past, but I’ve also got my ballads too.

The Neversphere: Well, I think that’s all people will need to hear to be sufficient excited. Thanks so much for the chat Brooks man.

Brooks: For sure! We’ll see you guys in Australia.


Mayday Parade Australian Tour Dates
With The Early November
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Thursday, October 6th
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane (Lic/AA)
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Friday, October 7th – Sold Out
The Metro Theatre, Sydney (Lic/AA)
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Saturday, October 8th
Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne (All Ages)
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Sunday, October 9th – Sold Out
170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
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Wednesday, October 12th
The Gov, Adelaide (Lic/AA)
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Thursday, October 13th
The Astor, Perth (Lic/AA)
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