Over the years we’ve been treated to some fairly rough sequels in the video game world. This includes particular re-dos that needn’t have been re-done. Our man in the gaming field Strider Larson A.K.A The Real KicknWing has spent much of his adult life thinking about his dream sequels. Some might happen, some will happen and some, well, Strider you can’t win ’em all.

So here it is, Strider’s list of sequels that the true gamer craves. Of course, we’re always happy to hear your dream pipe (or otherwise) sequel ideas…


Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2, 2006 (PC, XBOX 360)


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If you know anything about Real Time Strategy games, you know that BFME2 is among the best of them. While not on par with the macro managing of the Starcraft series or the tactical brilliance of Company of Heroes, BFME2 manages to find a great middle (Earth) ground in all the aspects that make RTS games great. All the units have so much weight behind them.

I’ll never get over watching a cave troll pick up a tree and smack a battalion of elves back to where they came from… Or my fleet of Felbeasts picking up soldiers and dropping them on the ground while the Nazgul do that ear-piercing screech we all know and fear.

Making your own custom heroes and decking them out with familiar powers from your favourite heroes is amazing. Watching them take down hordes of orcs is even greater still. I still play this game today and I know I’m not alone in desperately wanting a sequel to this title. There have been some hints towards it, unfortunately nothing is set in stone. Keep your eyes open because if this happens it will be epic.

Super Mario Galaxy 3, 4, 5… 6…. 7…. 8… (Wii)


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Mario games have always been some of the best platforming games known to mankind. However, the Mario Galaxy series has to be the best. Taking the fun puzzle platforming that they’re famous for and slapping it on to 3D puzzle planets, this game has one of the greatest formulas for straight up fun. Anyone who has played these games is a fan and if you’re not, maybe you just don’t like super Mario? In short… we can’t be friends.

They will 100% keep these games coming due to their success in sales over the years. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 being in the top 10 selling Wii games of all time. Keep them coming…Never stop. This is one of those rare titles that is worth buying a console specifically for.

Red Dead Redemption, 2010 (PS3, XBOX360)


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No redemption necessary Rockstar, we are eternally grateful to you for Red Dead Redemption and we can’t wait for the sequel. Red Dead Redemption is consistently referred to as one of the greatest games of all time and I personally would put it in my top 10. Take GTA and give it a cowboy western theme. What more could anyone ask for? Oh the days of galloping through the desert shrubs… Hunting bears… Lassoing ruffians, dragging them through the dirt… Taking out 10 dudes with the dead eye slow motion mechanic… And of course online was… well it was there.

With GTA 5 being an outrageously stunning game with content to fill the rest of your days, and Rockstar finally figuring out the formula for online gaming, we can only assume that the powerhouse developers employ similar mechanics to do great things with a sequel. It’s sure to be one of the greatest games ever made yet again. Get pumped for this one because it’s going to blow minds. For all those people who are loyal to Playstation it is rumoured that it will possibly be a PS4 Neo exclusive.

Vanquish, 2010 (PS3, XBOX 360)


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We all owe Platinum Games a massive thanks for Vanquish’s existence. From the people that brought us Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, comes one of the most under appreciated titles in third person shooter action games. Vanquish was given much respect upon release for introducing major gameplay elements that the genre had not seen before including:

Super-fast style of play, Beat ‘em up gameplay elements, and a slide boost mechanic which truly defines the game and gives it such an intense flow.

Do not miss out on playing this game, it’s a classic. The reason a sequel is not likely is because the game was considered a commercial flop in sales despite its critical acclaim for what it did for TPS action games. If I won the lottery I’d personally invest in a sequel myself the game was so good. Please make us a second!

Okami, 2007 (PS2, Wii)


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For those who don’t know Okami, it is a story set in Japanese traditional mythology and folklore. You play as a goddess who takes the form as a white wolf to save the land from darkness. For all you manga fans out there, the game has a cel-shaded visual style with bold outlines that will definitely get your juices flowing. These visuals put together with the spell effects are delightful.

You have what’s called a celestial brush that you can pause the game with and paint different patterns to cast different spells. It’s a lot of fun and gets 10/10 for originality as no other game gives you quite the same experience.


Celestial brush in action

Celestial brush in action


Okami lucked out on sales but gained critical acclaim for just how goddamn delicious it looked and felt. A sequel would be a great addition to the PS4 and would give more people a chance to see how truly great this game is.

Conkers Bad Fur Day, 2001 (N64)


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Conkers Bad Fur Day takes everything cute about Nintendo 64 titles, like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong, and turns it into an adult game with references to pop culture, extreme cartoon violence, drugs, alcohol and very vulgar humour. This is the kind of game where you ride around on a raptor eating chunks of a caveman giant’s ass while his fake-breasted cave woman girlfriend watches.

It’s an absolute classic and has a huge cult following. Xbox was lucky enough to have a sub-par remake of the game but what we want is to see a fully-fledged Conkers Bad Fur Day 2. The game failed in sales because of its release being poorly timed with the end of the N64 life, and the fact that the N64 was a family orientated console.

PS4 and XBOX ONE have plenty of adult gamers that would love to see this thing happen. Do it!

Over and out.