Given the title of nu-metalcore by the court of public opinion, Melbourne’s Void Of Vision are part of a crucial wave of artists who, rather than shy away from the pressing world issues, tackle them head on: screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs to make sure everyone hears about it.

The band is gearing up to release Children Of Chrome, a full-length offering of hard-hitting home truths and uncomfortable realisations for us all. We spoke to vocalist Jack Bergin about what went into this album, and what’s going to be unleashed from it upon release day.

The Neversphere: It’s a cool time to chat with you. It’s all about to go gangbusters for Void Of Vision. The album is out Friday, 30th September, how does it feel to be you right now?
Jack Bergin: Very exciting. It transformed very quickly from anxiety and nervousness to exciting. The switch happens in a matter of days really. Setting everything up, and making sure everything is how we want it to be has been pretty nerve wrecking. We were working on that first video we released, actually editing it at 4am the morning before release.

It was very down to the wire but we’re glad we got all that over and done with. It’s smooth sailing from here on in as far as I’m concerned.
The Neversphere: I suppose the alternative would have been sitting on it for a few weeks before you dropped it, it’s always better to just get things out there right?
Jack: Oh, 100%. We were sitting on the album itself for, like, onwards of 8 months so it’s good to finally get that out. But yeah, having the music video out straight away I was stoked on that. Even though I didn’t want to watch it, after watching it being edited for 21 hours.
The Neversphere: So talk to me about Children Of Chrome. It sounds like it’ll be a super loaded release, like it’ll come right out of the gates and straight for the jugular. What’s contained within Children Of Chrome?
Jack: [Laughs] So, the title refers to basically everyone in the world. Children Of Chrome are the hope and the future, and really a part of what this world will become. We wanted to make a point about how much we need these people now, in a world that’s filled with hate that’s only getting worse.

In a world that’s communicating with violence and people only open their mouth when the violence escalates. We need to open our mouths now – not tomorrow, or next week. We feel the Children Of Chrome need to step up – there’s a better way of living.

I feel the anger that’s contained in this album won’t subdue until they’re found.
The Neversphere: I’ll just throw this one out there, how do you feel about the term nu-metalcore?
Jack: I feel like I vibe with it – I’ve seen it pop up in some of the comments.
The Neversphere: Ok, phew, it makes my job a lot easier being able to label you guys…Nu-metal was so politically motivated, so socially informed and you can rock to it as well. Is that what we can expect from the rest of Children Of Chrome?
Jack: Oh for sure. I think it’s very cool that bands are starting to relate back to that. I feel like we aren’t the only ones out there. It’s really relating back to the 90’s, Rage Against The Machine and stuff. Our music is such a powerful outlet that’s literally available to anyone. You can use our music to share awareness about something.

In a world filled with dishonesty, platforms for change are hard to come by without musicians. It’s awesome heading back to that vibe.
The Neversphere: Even Limp Bizkit had some songs that were pretty woke! There are other bands touching on it like you said. It doesn’t feel like a trend though it feels more like a wave – Like whatever was happening in the 90s to invoke this creativity out of artists is happening again now…
Jack: Yeah, you’re right it is a wave. It’s awesome that people are having a voice again. It’s cool to speak out on a society that, in a way, has been taught to hate and taught from ignorance. I feel the world has created this idea that people are better or worse than one another at the moment.

Segregation is just not what we need right now. We don’t want to get to violence – we want to speak now before it gets worse.

The Neversphere: So the album is out on UNFD and Rise, which must be awesome. How did this change the process? Could you feel more eyes watching you while you worked on the album?
Jack: Well, we recorded the album off our own backs; no one would have known it existed until we sent it out to the labels. Then it started to get some attention, which was cool because we really didn’t have that outside influence pressuring us, so we got to create something we wanted to create.

Not saying the labels fuck with you or change what you create, but I feel like a lot of people get caught up in the ‘oh I’m under so much pressure to impress’ sort of deal. So it was cool to stick to our own creative outlets and put out something we wanted to put out.
The Neversphere: You’ll be supporting the album with a run of dates in October. Talk me through the live show; I’ve not seen you guys before!
Jack: We pride ourselves on our live show. Trying not to toot our own horn or anything here…
The Neversphere: Oh, dude, fuck that. Toot your horn, you’ve made a great album…
Jack: [Laughs] Ok, well we definitely pride ourselves on the live performance. We’re very inclusive in terms of crowd involvement and it’s awesome seeing that crowd develop over the years. We leech off that and when we see it, we up the game. When it’s not happening, we do whatever we can to make sure they’re feeling what we are on stage. When you have a whole room feeling that vibe, that’s when shit gets rowdy.
The Neversphere: Well, I was going to say; your Sydney show is on the same night as my mums birthday. So I wasn’t sure which I’d be going to but after hearing that I think I might bail on Mums thing…
Jack: [Laughs] you can bring your mum to the show!
The Neversphere: Oh man, that’s a great idea I might get her to review the show…
Jack: That’d be a really interesting concept.
The Neversphere: So what’s on for the rest of the year once you wrap up the album tour?
Jack: We have a bit of cheeky downtime around Christmas, which will be nice. We have some one off shows at the end of the year. Then as soon as 2017 kicks in, we head into a bunch of tours. We’re really excited they’re by far the biggest tours we’ve ever been involved in. We can’t wait to announce those and show everyone what we’ll be up to.

2017 is going to be a big year.

Void Of Vision ‘Children Of Chrome’ Australian Tour Dates
Tickets available now

Friday, October 21st
The Workers Club, Fitzroy – 18+
Tickets: Destory All Lines

Saturday, October 22nd
Fowlers Live, Adelaide – Lic/AA
Tickets: Destory All Lines

Sunday, October 23rd
Phoenix Youth Centre, Footscray – AA
Tickets: Destory All Lines

Friday, October 28th
Red Rattler, Sydney – Lic/AA
Tickets: Destory All Lines

Saturday October, 29th
Drone, Newcastle – AA
Tickets: Destory All Lines

Sunday, October 30th
Phoenix Arts Centre, Woolloongabba – AA
Tickets: Destory All Lines