This Saturday the people will head into to the voting booths to decided the fate of their local electorate – no small task. This rings especially true for the good people who make up the electorate of Fairfield, New South Wales. For many years the area was considered a safe Labor seat but in recent times things have changed, resulting in increased campaigning and choice for voters.

We went to the area to speak to Dai Le, a local councillor running as an independent for the mayors office. Dai, who used to be backed by the Liberal Party, is running as an independent after being dropped by her now former backers. As Dai explained to us that all candidates in the area were forced to knuckle down and campaign, as the voters now have more choice. This has shed light on the main parties, illuminating an antiquated mentality at the core of the system.

Despite the need for a real and important conversation, the election has been filled with politicians paying lip service, bullying and promises that don’t match state or federal policy.  Dai also heads a program called DAWN, which was established to usher in the new age of diverse leaders. Coming from an underrepresented perspective of a refugee who moved to Australia for a better life, Dai shared some of her thoughts on the state of Australian politics, and society in general.



WATCH: We Speak To Independent Councillor Dai Le