Earlier in the month, Melbourne band Death In Bloom let loose their debut album, A Means To Disappear. The record was ushered in by the first warning shot, The Fever. It was frightfully confident for a debut – the kind of album you expect from hardened road dogs…The kind of album that sends shivers down the spine of all those who consider themselves “peers” of the group.

The 10-move assault presents itself as an impenetrable fortress of metalcore. The chaos is broken by moments of blissful clarity, contrasted by stirring drama, more chaos, then back again.

Put simply, it’s the kind of album that oozes substances. A Means To Disappear gives you plenty to sink your teeth into, so we thought we’d let the band tell you exactly what it was you were chewing on.

And given that they’re named after an Adventure Time episode, we thought we’d get them to break it down, track-by-track using the universal, and goddamn emotional language of the show.



“I’ve never liked giving meanings to songs because they are all up to interpretation. It is my only hope when writing songs that someone feels something, as I did writing them. So this is an insight into what I was feeling when I wrote the words for A Means to Disappear. The common theme I kept coming back to over the last year was circles and spirals, if you keep drawing a circle on a page you lose where you started and where you are…”
Logan Fewster, Vocalist.

The Fever

“Maybe I never knew you, maybe I never knew me.”

At the start of the year my friend Kain told me that every year was a restart and we needed to ‘carry on’, which at the time was something I needed to hear. When writing The Fever I was thinking about the circles and patterns we often find ourselves in and how hard we try to stay in the cycle. When we just need…

Adventure Time

to carry on.



“I can see goodbyes wherever I look tonight.”

I’ve always had a problem with holding onto things long after they have gone. Sometimes I can see things falling a part so clearly. Sometimes we feel too much…

Adventure Time

and others we feel nothing at all.


War Cry

“Just because you don’t know how to leave doesn’t mean they should stay.”

Warsan Shire
wrote that ‘you can’t make a house out of a human being’ and that’s something that has always resonated with me a lot. Creating things in your head…


That are sometimes too hard to let go.



“There’s only ghosts in this part of town”

I wrote Collapse when I had just moved back to Melbourne and I could feel myself…

Adventure Time

Sinking into the background. Going through the motions but remaining motionless.


Escape Me

“They will love you just if I loved you again.”

Escape Me is my favourite song lyrically and something I’ve had in my head for a long time. There are some things I just can’t get my head around and this song is…

Adventure Time

…An honest reflection on love and relationships.



“If I believed in you would you I believe in me?”

I think all of us get that Vessels feeling sometimes? The feelings of ‘why are we doing this?’ Why do we work so much? Why do we value the things we do? Sometimes…

Adventure Time

…It’s the heaviest weight and I do feel it deep in my chest.



“These days feel like old days, not whole days.”

Samsara was written around the idea of old days, not whole days. Which is an idea of days becoming indiscernible from each other in a cycle we actively participate in but perhaps don’t question. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching my life play out, in a…


…Movie or a photograph.


Animal Kingdom

“Still filled with hate”

Animal Kingdom continues the idea of being trapped in circles and cycles. It is the source of a lot of anger and exhaustion and sometimes the unbearable realisation…

Adventure Time

…That you have nothing in common with anyone.



“If it was good enough for you it would be good enough for me.”

I always felt trapped in this city, in Melbourne. Homecoming is about finding a place to feel at home and what parts of yourself or other people you use to make it…

Adventure Time