Earlier in the year, it was announced that shining gems of the 90s pop group craze B*Witched would be heading Down Under, leading a charge of nostalgia including the likes of East 17, S Club 3 and without a doubt one of the most adored outfits to have partaken in the wave, Atomic Kitten.

I, personally, was swept up to my neck in this wave. Heavily influence by my older sister’s selection of pop groups, there was a strange sense of rebellion I saw in Atomic Kitten that wasn’t there in say, Spice Girls or N*SYNC, a streak of punk-rock if you will.

We spoke to original vocalist, and key ingredient of the reformed line-up Kerry Katona specifically about this and the vibe within the group about their impending Australian taken over…


The Neversphere: I’ve read a lot of the language you guys have used around the reunion and there’s a lot of talk of it being a tonne of fun. Is it more fun now that it was before? Or a different kind of fun?
Kerry: Back in the day when we started, we were babies. I was only 18. We were in so much shock and everything was raw, new and exciting; that climb to success is amazing. When you’re kids you’re very busy, all you want to do is party and meet with your friends and you don’t really appreciate anything – kids these days don’t, and I was one of those kids.

Now that we’re older, it’s more organised in a way. Not that it’s so blasé but the fact that we’re mums – and we’re all mums now, but we still know how to have fun don’t get me wrong…but it’s a lot more chilled. When you’re starting off you have your record company breathing down your neck, ‘Don’t say this’ or ‘Don’t do that’…Clearly I wasn’t one of those people. I never listened to anybody and just did want I wanted to. Now that we’re older, we’ve been there, we’ve done it.

We still know how to party. Except, these days I’m in bed every night by 8. When I got asked to do these interviews they said we could do them at 9am or 7pm, I was like ‘oh…Can we do it in the morning when all the kids have gone to school. At 7pm i’ll be getting into my PJs and going to bed.’
The Neversphere: That must be a bit of a contrast from when you use to do interviews…
Kerry: Very different, yeah. Honestly, it really is. But we know how to have a good time.
The Neversphere: It’s interesting you mention that you never did what you were told. I was raised a lot on my sisters taste in music so Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, all that stuff. At the time I saw Atomic Kitten as the most punk rock of them all and I was never sure why…
Kerry: [Bursts out laughing] Well, yeah. We were all Northerns. I definitely was the gobby one; I was very, very gobby. But I was only in the band until Whole Again and after that went #1 I left. But we were definitely out there. I can’t tell you the amount of times we got called into the record company office for not doing as we were told. In my eyes I was an 18-year-old girl who wasn’t going to be told what to do by anybody.

We weren’t prim and proper girls, we weren’t from any stage school, just three talented young girls who were in the right place at the right time.
The Neversphere: I’m sorry to admit it but I did have to use the punk rock thing to justify being a fan…As a 13 year old dude, it wasn’t too easy to admit you like Atomic Kittens.
Kerry: [Bursts out laughing] I understand, I really do. Isn’t it funny. The older you get, the most people go ‘Oh my god, I use to love Atomic Kitten when I was younger.’ It’s almost like a guilty pleasure, especially for the men. Even after I left, I continued to listen to them. I thought it was great! I wasn’t bitter that they continued to get huge success without me.

It’s cheesy pop, but it’s still good music, isn’t it? Everybody knows the words, it makes you feel younger when you listen to it – it certainly does for me when I listen to it, or even perform it!

The Neversphere: On that topic, what have you go in store for your Australian fans? How are you going to blow our minds?
Kerry: Well, what we’re planning on doing is let everybody relive their youth. Bring them back to, as you say, a safe place. We want to make everyone feel good again, bust out the cheesy pop tunes, all the dance routines. Just make everyone reminisce and feel youthful again, that’s why I want to do it; After 5 kids, I don’t feel youthful.
The Neversphere: How will it be with some of the other groups on the line up? Were you friends with them back in the day also?
Kerry: We actually turned on the Christmas lights in Bristol last week with S Club 7. We worked loads with B*Witched. About three years ago we did a show called The Big Reunion where all the 90’s bands reunited. B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, 5ive, Blue…Since then, obviously, Atomic Kitten have had huge success and we’ve continued to gig over the past 3 years.

We’re excited, it’s going to make us feel so young again…except for the Botox.
The Neversphere: There was also a lot of talk about you guys being spotted leaving a recording studio. Are there any plans for more music? Or any plans at all?
Kerry: Well, we have spoken about new music but the thing is everybody wants to hear the Whole Again or the Tide Is High. I think in today’s music, bringing out music you’re going to be up against Beyoncé and Little Mix. I personally am not a writer. Every time I write a song it’s dead depressing. Actually, I should write songs for Adele

I know Tash [Hamilton] is a great writer and some of the song’s she’d played are amazing. But you don’t know. You don’t. I’ll be personally honest, there’s just so much time that will be taken from our lives to do all that.

…I guess, never say never.


Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, S Club 3, East 17 Australian Tour Dates
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Wednesday, February 8th
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
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Thursday, February 9th
170 Russell, Melbourne
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Friday, 10th February – SOLD OUT
170 Russell, Melbourne
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Saturday, February 11th – SOLD OUT
Big Top, Sydney
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Sunday, February 12th
Big Top, Sydney
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Tuesday, September 14th
NEX Wests City, Newcastle
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Wednesday, February 15th
Wrest Point, Hobart
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Friday, February 17th
Jupiters Theatre, Gold Coast
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Saturday, February 18th
Eatons Hill, Brisbane
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