US-outfit Knocked Loose is the kind of band that will give anxiety to those who abide by the rules of genres. If you want neat, tidy and pigeonholed, well, stop reading right now…

I can safely assume that those left reading aren’t adverse to something unique. Since the release of their 2014 EP Pop Culture, Knocked Loose have pricked up ears the world over. But it was their debut album Laugh Tracks, released earlier this year, that rocked those pricked ears to the core.

Laugh Tracks is an aggressive, brutal onslaught that’s fully informed by vulnerability. It’s unhinged and wild, yet painstakingly compiled ensuring that every note, beat and scream serves a purpose.

The band will be hitting Australian stages for the first time ever next year. But before that they’ll hit Europe, another first for Knocked Loose. We caught up with vocalist Bryan Garriss to chat about this increase in international demand. Currently, the band is between tours and it sounds as though they’re getting pretty restless…

Bryan: I’m usually good for a week when I’m home by then I get bored.
The Neversphere: What’s the first thing you get the itch for, studio time or stage time?
Bryan: Just to play some shows! I really just get to the point where I miss being at shows and playing them with all my friends. The past 6-months, my girlfriend has been in Spain for school so when I’m home I don’t really have much to do. Unless I’m hanging out with the band…
The Neversphere: Luckily you won’t be still too long, you have a run of Australian dates coming up pretty quick…
Bryan: We’re all very excited. I honestly can’t believe it’s real. I never thought that would be an option.
The Neversphere: You’ve not been here as a band before, have any of the members been here on a holiday?
Bryan: No, actually…none of us.
The Neversphere: Oh man that’s awesome. There’s a bunch of stuff you have to do then – hug koalas, feed kangaroos; all that good stuff.
Bryan: I’m more than excited. And we get to go with Stick To Your Guns. They’ve been there before so I’m sure they’ll show us all the cool stuff.
The Neversphere: I’m sure you have some friends in bands that have toured here previously. It’s always fun to know what people expect about our weird part of the world. From what you’ve heard, what are you expecting?
Bryan: I actually don’t know what I’m expecting other than it being beautiful everywhere – that’s something that I’ve heard about…apparently Australia is one big vacation spot, everywhere you go. I actually Googled the weather for January and it seems to be fairly good, so I get to escape the American winter.

The Neversphere: Let’s talk about the album! You released your debut album Laugh Track earlier in the year. The album’s been ticking around for a few months now, how do you feel about the record now that you’ve had some distance from it?
Bryan: It was a very big move. I think a lot of people overlook that, like ‘oh, it’s just a full-length’ but you’re first debut, especially for a band like us, who are trying to further our career in music. We had to make sure we brought out a kick-ass album so we’d get more opportunities. We were all very nervous at how people would take it – Just like the regular things to be nervous about….

The reaction completely exceeded what we were expecting – By far. It’s been amazing. We never expected it to go as well as it did. I can’t say enough how grateful and shocked I am. When it came out I was texting our label every day like, ‘What are the numbers?’ and stuff like that. We ended up on the Billboard Charts, which has been a dream of mine for a very long time…It’s just been amazing.
The Neversphere: It’s interesting that you mentioned the sales for the album. Was that going to indicate the success for you?
Bryan: I never even really put the Billboard charts in our future. I never thought about it, I never shot for it…I didn’t think it would be an option. I just wanted it to reach as many people as it could, I wanted it to better our shows and I wanted people to see that we were taking a step in a different direction as far as song writing goes, trying to get more musical with it.

So I would say that the goal for the record was the crowd response – the reaction at our shows. And yeah, it exceeded that.
The Neversphere: So there a whole bunch of people Down Under who got right into the album upon release. Was it a trip to see that your message had spread to the other side of the world?
Bryan: Yeah, definitely. I remember seeing some comments on Facebook or Twitter or whatever like ‘Come to Australia!’, or ‘Come to Europe!’ It’s crazy to me that it’s already reached that far. Now, when we get the opportunity to go to these places, we have something to look forward to because we know at least one person will be there – they commented on our Facebook!

And next week we go to Europe for the first time as a band! Anything abroad man. I remember our first trip to Canada, like, you can just drive there. But it was my first time out of the country and having people that knew the words and sang along was insane. It’s a crazy feeling. I had never left Kentucky before I was in this band. Now every time I travel I meet people who have heard of, or like my band and it’s just so insane.
The Neversphere: The band is clearly on a high right now, it doesn’t seem like that’ll stop any time soon. What’s on after Europe and Australia?
Bryan: We’re trying to solidify some plans for the first half of next year. We’ve always been a band that tours consistently, so we’re trying to decided the smartest route for us to be on the road as much as possible. Obviously you can’t just tour the US over and over again. There are different parts of the world we want to see.

We’ve had the conversation about writing for the new record. We’ve talked about a direction we want to go but nothing is set in stone. I wouldn’t say anything is even decided on. We haven’t had the opportunity to talk since the last tour.
When we get together I’m sure we’re going to have the talk about what we should do…



Stick To Your Guns ‘Better Australia Than Dust’ Tour Dates
w/ Knocked Loose (USA), Relentless & Reactions
Tickets on-sale now

Wednesday, January 18th
Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Thursday, January 19th
Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, January 20th
Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Saturday, January 21st
Phoenix Youth Centre, Melbourne AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Sunday, January 22nd
The Basement, Canberra 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Tuesday, January 24th
Bald Faced Stag, Sydney Lic AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Wednesday, January 25th
The Small Ballroom, Newcastle 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Thursday, January 26th
The Brightside, Brisbane 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, January, 27th
Phoenix Arts Theatre, Brisbane AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines