Backstage during the first of two sold-out Sydney performances, we caught up with The Used founding member and key ingredient, Jeph Howard. The band are currently meandering their way around not only our fair nation, but the majority of the globe in support of two milestones. Their 2002 eponymous debut and the hugely formative follow up, 2004’s In Love And Death.

We spoke to Jeph about the type of fans the band are seeing at the shows so far. Given The Used are a gateway band to the scene, every day a new kid discovers them, but the aforementioned albums still receive a high rotation from their long-term fans. Jeph explains the result of this is a fantastic mix of young and old singing the words back to them.

Jeph explains what it’s like to get back into the mindset of The Used when they wrote and recorded their first two albums. While he’s blown away by the albums reception and goddamn proud of his work, he does chuckle to think of the cringe moments that happened. But of course, there’s nothing he’ll change.

As explained to us earlier in the year by vocalist Bert McCracken, new material is on the horizon from the band with around 40 ideas or so in the pipeline, according to Jeph. Be prepared for more of The Used we know and love…just in a style which we haven’t heard.