More often than not, interviews with musicians will be spent focusing on what went into the body of work at hand. So, when Every Time I Die and letlive. were performing in Sydney, we thought we’d do things differently.

Towards the end of 2016, Every Time I Die released one of their strongest records to date Low Teens. Soon after, letlive. unveiled their latest masterpiece If I’m The DevilLow Teens focused on life and death, while If I’m The Devil… focused on society and identity.

Both, however, were fierce and intense studies of struggle and acceptance.

Rather than drilling them further (You can read our extensive drilling of Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley here) about what went into the albums, we thought we’d give Jason Butler and Jordan Buckley an opportunity to discuss what they got out of their albums, and what these aforementioned fierce and intense studies taught them about surviving the struggle that is human condition.

…And we feel these hard-earned lessons are something we all can benefit from.