There’s every chance Australian fans of While She Sleeps ears are still ringing from the groups latest Australian sojourn. Rest assured, the ringing won’t be going away any time soon either, with the bands next album You Are We dropping as soon as Friday, April 21st.

You Are We is the latest in a string of headstrong, shredded and quiet frankly woke AF releases from the UK outfit. As you can tell from lead single Hurricane or any of their former work, or perhaps the sheer rate at which they release said work, it’s clear this is a band with something to say.

As they beat to quarters in the lead up to what will be the third album, While She Sleeps returned Down Under in support of Bring Me The Horizon, announcing a series of headline dates to boot. While in Sydney, we caught up with Loz and Aaran at the legendary Resist Records.

The guys take us on a wax journey of other bands that have left an imprint on theirs, featuring Mastodon, Brand New and everything in between.

You Are We is out Friday, April 21st