Since announcing their Rebirth last year, Underoath have now travelled most of the known world in support of their seminal albums, They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line. As they cruised past Sydney, we caught up with vocalist, key feature and Cadillac of humans Spencer Chamberlain.

As Spencer tells us, the vibes are back once more within the post-hardcore legends. Following the hiatus, the band members have learnt to be brothers-in-arms, celebrating each other’s differences. The same differences that perhaps led to a much younger and much more exhausted Underoath cracking in the first place.

Using an apt metaphor of remodelling a house, Spencer details how the band established an amazing foundation; the issue turned out to be the structure built on top. The vocalist quotes John Lennon, adding, “We were robbed of our youth,” giving some glaring insight into the band prior to their split.

But it’s all up from here. Underoath are back full time, Spencer reveals, and he even has an update on new material from the band…sorta. Be sure to check out our chat with bandmate Aaron Gillespie where we discuss just about everything.