This past Friday, 3rd February, Melbourne’s favourite heavy music sons Ocean Grove let loose their debut, The Rhapsody Tapes. In the lead up to the release, the band would reveal that the album is far more than just a list of 10-odd songs, in fact, it’s the genesis of Odd World Music.

Prior to The Rhapsody Tapes, the band dropped what they described as a “self-policing” manifesto. A list of do’s and don’ts that act as a social contract between them, their music and their fans. Included in this contract is the bands intent to remain as authentic as possible, declaring their own genre, the aforementioned Odd World Music.

If this strikes you as a band going above and beyond the call of duty for their debut album, you’re not alone. Even the sternest of heavy music fans have found themselves dragged into the bands gravitational pull.

To get to the bottom of it all, we thought we’d meet up for a drink at Newtown’s glorious Earl’s Juke Joint, to shoot the breeze and chat about the important things in life, y’know, like Star Wars, Cricket…

Oh, yeah and the album.