Come Saturday, March 18 Andrew Mills (6-1) will step into the first main event fight of his career at Brace 47. Across the cage from him will be the Brace Welterweight Champion, Theo Christakos, who boasts a similar 6-2 professional MMA record. Both men want to go home with the Brace title, and both are well aware that this fight has the potential to go for 25 gruelling minutes.

Mills trains out of Sydney’s Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA). With just a cursory glance at the name of his home gym, you can get some insight into the kind of guidance this man has received in his MMA career. Having UFC veteran Anthony Perosh in your corner is a huge advantage; allowing Mills to draw from a wealth of experience in the lead up to competition.

After an evening of exciting match ups at Luna Park, Brace 47 culminates with this fight. Both men will be looking for a finish. This is a fight that surely deserves the coveted position of ‘Main Event’.

The Neversphere: This will be your first time fighting in a main event fight, meaning there is the potential for you to go for five 5-minute rounds. Have you approached this fight differently due to it being scheduled for 25-minutes?

Andrew: Definitely a lot more focus on cardiovascular exercises during this training camp and longer sparring rounds. A lot of running which is something I’ve not done in the past, and I feel it’s made a huge difference.
The Neversphere: How is training with two UFC veterans, Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sonosic over at SPMA? These guys clearly have a wealth of MMA knowledge between them, what have you taken from them?
Andrew: It’s fantastic having 2 former UFC fighters and Aussie MMA pioneers guiding you on a daily basis. They are both extremely knowledgable Mixed Martial Arts experts who are always accomodating to answer any and all questions I may have.
The Neversphere: What do you think of Theo Christakos’ skill set, how do you think you match up with him and what do you think of his comment that you only look to score points in the cage?
Andrew: I think Theo is a tough opponent for anyone, I’ve actually wanted this fight for a long time. This is a good matchup skill wise for me because I believe I’m just a little bit better in all aspects.
I’m always looking for the finish, same thing applies for Saturday.
The Neversphere: In your previous fights, you’ve displayed a well-balanced set of skills. Is there a particular aspect of MMA that you are particularly fond of?
Andrew: I don’t have any preference when it comes to a particular “art” of Mixed Martial Arts, I truly enjoy all my training and am looking to improve all areas of my game everyday.

Andrew Mills Brace 47

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The Neversphere: Should you take home the Brace Welterweight title on Saturday night, what’s the next step for your MMA career?
Andrew: I would love to fight overseas next.
The Neversphere: We cover music, as well as MMA at the Neversphere. What’s your walkout song going to be for Brace 47, does it have any special meaning to you?
Andrew: I don’t have my walkout song chosen yet, I can never make up my mind till the last second. I walked out to Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult for my last fight, but chances are there will be a different tune for Saturday.