In a matter of days, Australian MMA fighter Mel Zeman will be stepping inside the cage at Brace 47 for her bout against Claire Todd.

To get inside the mind of Zeman, as she rounds off her training and pre-fight prep, we asked her to put together a list of pump up jams she listens to before unleashing the beast within. From revolutionary war cries, to Ghettocore classics, to cliché team anthems, it’s quite clear Mel listens to some heavy, heavy shit in the lead up to her fights.

Come this Saturday, March 18, Mel will be walking out at Luna Park to the iconic call to arms that is Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name, the track which kicks off her training and pre-fight playlist…

1. Rage against the machine – Killing In The Name


I intend to walk out to this song on March 18th. There is always a song that frequents my training playlist and this just seems to have the right amount of edge and grit. Plus, being a 19-year-old female fighter can be quite controversial to people (this is a whole other topic that I could talk about for hours). There is something that speaks to my soul when I hear the words “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”.

2. Lamb of god – Laid To Rest.


To me, the walkout song is an important part of the fight ritual. It expresses who you are to the crowd and reminds you of every hour you spent sweating to this song in order to walk into that cage. This is what my last walkout song was meant to be, although ‘technical difficulties’ etc. etc. I can’t tell you what song was actually played – I couldn’t hear anything. Honestly, I don’t even really remember most of the fight.

3. In Other Climes – Live. Love. Learn. Lead. Leave.


This song has the right amount of aggression and same note of “fuck society” that I enjoy. Its pace and attack get me ready and in the zone.

4. Fat Joe, Remy Ma – All The Way Up


This reminds me of training in Thailand. After a hard session at Tiger Muay Thai, the fight team would play this and then they’d dance. It just reminds me to have fun and enjoy training and fighting.

5. Violent Soho – Covered In Chrome


I have a soft spot for Violent Soho. I listen to all of their songs frequently. Something about them reminds me to be young, and to not get caught up in the seriousness of life.

6. Violent Soho – How To Taste



7. Dune Rats – Scott Green



8. Deez Nuts – Face This On My Own


(Ed. Note: We can all agree Dunnies and Deez Nuts need no explanation whatsoever

9. Limp Bizkit – Ready to Go


This song always seems to get played in the car on the way to training, and so it’s wormed its way into my playlist because it reminds me of training.

10. DMX – Where The Hood At


This is a bit of a silly one. I fight out of Brotherhood Training Centre, so I’ve deemed ‘Where The Hood At’ as our unofficial, amazingly clichéd theme song.
“So that’s my training and pre fight playlist. Watch me walk out to Rage Against the Machine on March 18th at Luna Park, Sydney.”Mel Zeman