We spoke to Ben ‘The Wanderer’ Watson ahead of his fight at Brace 47, where he will look to improve his 3-1 professional record. On March 18, Watson faces Byron Cowell in a fight that has the potential to illustrate the artistic flair that we associate with high-level MMA. Brace 47 is live from the iconic Big Top at Sydney’s Luna Park. Mercifully for those who can’t make to Sydney’s waterfront quasi-theme park, the fights will be shown on UFC Fight Pass.

Watson lets us in on training at Carioti MMA and at gyms around Sydney. Watson also tells us what he thinks of his opponent, gives his thoughts on the rules of mixed martial arts, and explains where his MMA career is headed. Though Watson’s record has two submission victories, he told us to watch for the knockout…displaying the utmost confidence in his striking.

Decision, knockout or submission, this will be a fun fight. Should Watson win, he’ll be one step closer to being propelled onto that international stage he’s been looking towards. If not, “…you get a result, you know what you did wrong or right, and you move on…”