Coveted forward-thinking drama Orange Is The New Black is gearing up a Season 5 of prison riot proportions. With all hell mere moments from breaking loose, it’s safe to say even the most casual of viewers have been waiting with bated breath for what awaits the adored protagonists and antagonists. Of course, Maria Ruiz, masterfully navigated by Jessica Pimentel, will have a pivotal role in whatever it is that pops off.

Jessica will have a full schedule for the foreseeable future. When not in prison garb, Jessica fronts the brutal force majeure that is Alekhine’s Gun. Her heavy music sojourn has been well documented since the bands inception. Jessica tells of chance run-ins with seminal figures of the heavy music community. Basically, the universe conspired for it to happen.

With two EPs (Meditation In Wrath and …And Kings Will Fall) out, talk of the big debut album is reaching fever pitch. We caught up with Jessica while she was in town and clearly there was a lot to talk about…

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 will premiere on June 9.