They say the night is always the darkest right before dawn breaks. A truer metaphor doesn’t exist when you look at the current state of the world in the lead up to Steel Panther’s new album Lower The Bar, which is now being distributed through to every man, woman and child the world over.

The album is another thick slice of 80s glam, sex, drugs and of course, heavy metal. Lower The Bar is being praised from high places as the most virtuous album from the outfit. Loaded with musical integrity and substance, Lower The Bar really does seem to be the most ‘mature’ offering from the band. But don’t panic, even just skimming the tracklist (see: Poontang Boomerang) the band haven’t grown up even a little bit.

Moments before the album dropped, we caught up with Bassist Lexxi Foxxx. Despite the ever-present threat of being kicked out from his mums basement, Lexxi seemed infinitely stoked on his bands latest body of work, and even more stoked to bring it Down Under.

Lexxi: It’s probably one of the most exciting times that we’ve had. Putting out a record is always exciting but at the same time, the feedback we’re getting from people that I do press with, interviews with people such as yourself, everybody thinks – we think – that this is our strongest that we’ve put out.

It was such a fun record to do. [Guitarist] Satchel wrote about our past experiences for the past, shit, 30 years, but for this one, there was experiences that we’ve had on the road, and touring places such as Sydney, and by the way, I have to say you have the most beautiful women in Sydney, Australia. I love the zoo. It’s one of my favourite cities that I’ve ever been in in the world. It’s just badass.

We’ll have to set up a tour to get down there because one of our biggest fanbases is in Australia. Every time we go down there it’s humbling. We’re always surprised at how many “hot bitches” you have down there and also how many fans we have down there. We’re super excited to get back.
The Neversphere: I’ve also noticed a lot of that commentary around the album. As one of the dudes who made the thing, what do you feel is the difference between Lower The Bar and other Steel Panther albums?
Lexxi: It’s still metal, it’s very metal. We all sat down and talked about doing things different. We wanted to expand musically and write about experiences. So, it’s still pretty much Steel Panther but at the same time, Satchel just had a bunch of new and really, really cool ideas. It’s just straightforward rock-metal.

When we listened back to it, we took our time with production and mastering. [Producer] Jay Ruston did such a good job – he’s done all of our records – but this one, we really wanted to talk our time and give fans something that’s a little bit different but at the same time, still Steel Panther. We’re excited about it, so we think everyone else will be when they get their mitts on it too.
The Neversphere: There’s so much drama in the world right now. It feels like we need a Steel Panther album more than ever – It’s about time to get a new Steel Panther album, we need to sing about having sex and fun – how aware are you guys of this?
Lexxi: Hell yeah, we’re definitely aware of that which is one of the reasons we’re so excited. Because the album has that 80’s vibe of how things use to be when we were, well, shit, in our 20s. There’s something about that which can be just a release, which is one of the cool things about coming to one of our shows. You get an hour and 45 minutes of just nothing but joy whether you dig the music or just ‘cos we look bitchin’…

It’s something that’s different that can take you off the normal pattern of what is today. There’s a lot of shit going on. So we’re excited to do what we do, bring heavy metal back, fuck a bunch of bitches, do a bunch of drugs. That’s fun, and that’s what the world needs.
The Neversphere: Was it hard to block out everything that’s going on in the world right now, the fear mongering, Fake News, all that stuff, to stay true to the Steel Panther message? It seems just about every metal album from the past 12 months has been heavily influenced by these negative externalities.
Lexxi: It really wasn’t. I don’t pay attention to that. I like to party. I know there’s a lot going on, over here at least with the election. But I don’t really pay much attention to that…I know that might sound…however it comes across…. All’s I care about is partying, staying at my mums as long as I can before she kicks me out, putting out records and getting hot chicks.

I’m an old man too, so I think I’m going to be dead soon. Whether it’s my liver, or my heart after doing too much blow, I won’t last a long time to really pay attention to what the poor kids have to deal with when my time is over.
The Neversphere: Speaking on behalf of these poor kids, thank you for releasing an album for us to escape this bullshit with.
Lexxi: I appreciate that so much and I can’t wait to get back to Australia to celebrate this record. Like I said, I love Sydney so much. We can’t wait to get back there. The world gets to hear it now and that’s really all we give a shit about – what our fans like. The press can say whatever the fuck they want about is – that we’re a one legged pony or whatever the hell they say, but we just care what our fans think.

The Neversphere: I also have to mention the homage to Australian culture with the new single Poontang Boomerang
Lexxi: Yeah! Stix [Zadinia, drums] got a tattoo of a boomerang last time we were there…
The Neversphere: Even before you dropped Boomerang in one of your songs, a Steel Panther tour announcement puts people in a frenzy here, then when the shows start it’s chaos. Is it like this everywhere you go these days?
Lexxi: Australia does have a special place in our heart. There are other certain places too like the UK, but I’d say the UK and Australia are our two hot spots. We’re received so well that’s why it’s so special when we go down there, because we are treated so well. The fans are just amazing.

We love bringing amazing acts over there too whether it be Black Stone Cherry or whoever it is for our fans next time. We want to make sure that while they’re there they’re entertained the whole night, not just by us. Australia has a very special place in my heart that’s for sure.
The Neversphere: I’m asking a lot as I’m sure there’s so much on your plate right now, but when do you think you’ll be here next?
Lexxi: We have a meeting to talk about how we’re going to tour with this record, we’ve been meaning to do that for a while but we’ve been busy touring the states so we’ll be deciding very, very soon how we’re going to celebrate this record…

…And when we can tour it in Australia.

Lower The Bar is out now.