Brace 50 will host a cross town derby when Kris Spence steps into the cage with Aden Hawke. Spence is representing his own gym – Ronin Academy – and is looking to put another win on his record after his last three fights did not go his way. Hawke finds himself in a similar situation, having lost his most recent fights too. Lessons learned in blood are not soon forgotten and as both men have their backs against the wall, they’ll surely be looking to win this fight decisively.

Spence brings with him to the cage experience from a life-time of martial arts training, and from a multifarious career that included roles in the Army and Federal Police. Drawing from knowledge that was accrued over years of training in Australia and internationally, he put together a team and gym that focuses on teaching BJJ, Muay Thai and of course, MMA.

We thought we’d try to get into Spence’s headspace in the lead up to Brace 50 by getting him to put together a playlist of his favourite pump-up tunes…and a song for cooling down to, too.

Fair warning, the songs below contain explicit language.


Remember the name – Fort Minor

Spence: This was my first walk out song and it never fails to pump me up. I still listen to it all the time during training.

Hit ‘em up – 2 Pac

Spence: One of my all-time favourite songs. So full of passion.

Return of the Mac – Mark Morrison

Spence: I have always loved the beat to this one. It’s full of fun and reminds me of good times.

Pain – 2 Pac

Spence: Probably my favourite movie of all time and is the lead track from the soundtrack. Takes me back to my younger days playing basketball every day.

Tradin War Stories – 2 Pac

Spence: Another great 2 Pac song. I have been listening to this song and the All Eyez On Me album for many years now.

112 – Cupid


Editor’s note: Kris mentioned 112 as one of his cool-down favourites. We simply needed to include this jam.