This weekend, the Brace Bantamweight belt is on the line. Luke ‘The Lycan’ Catubig will face the former Brace Featherweight champion, Edwin ‘El Bomba’ Arana, in Arana’s home town of Townsville. Catubig won his last three fights in convincing fashion – all threes stopped due to vicious TKOs.

When the main event of Brace 50 starts and Catubig and Arana meet in the centre of the cage, fans can rest assured that they’re about to see a thoroughly entertaining contest. Training out of Absolute MMA in Melbourne, Catubig has a long list of high-level training partners to help him hone his skills, and is coming in with a level of confidence that reflects that training.

On training under Gustavo Falciroli, Catubig let us in on how important it is to have quality coaches and training partners to learn and grow with…

Lukaz The Lycan Brace 50

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Luke: Training with Gustavo has been a big career changer. He taught me a lot of knowledge and skills that I am so grateful for till this very day. I’ve never felt so strong and dedicated in my career. With the help of Gustavo and my brothers Daniel Kelly, Callan Potter, Rodolfo Marques, Simon Carson, Raphael Berthet, Thiago Stefanutti and all the boys that join the pro-session in Absolute MMA, I’m a better a fighter. They turned me into a beast that I am right now.
The Neversphere: How much has your approach to this fight changed knowing that it could potentially go for 25 minutes, instead of the usual 15?
Luke: In my perspective, three to five rounds is no different to me. I train hard every day, either I’m in a camp or not. I’m a warrior and I’m dedicated in perfecting my craft everyday. Once I’m inside that cage I’ll do whatever it takes to win.
The Neversphere: You’re coming into this title fight after three impressive KO/TKO wins. What do you think about Edwin Arana’s skillset and how do you see this fight playing out?
Luke: I don’t really research much about my opponent, that’s my coach’s job [Laughs]! The fight is going to be fun and explosive. I am ready to put on a show and I’m pretty sure he is ready too.
Catubig Brace 50

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The Neversphere: Should you walk away with the Bantamweight title on Saturday night, what’s the next step for you?
Luke: There is no other way but to win; that belt belongs to me. I’ll destroy everyone who comes in my way. One day UFC will discover me and I’ll be the next Bantamweight Champion in the UFC.
The Neversphere: We cover music and gaming as well as MMA. What’s your walkout song for Brace 50 going to be and does it have any special meaning to you?
Luke: Kendrick LamarHumble. This song just reminds me of my journey, because no matter what I go through on this path, I always stay humble.

The Neversphere: Do you play video games in your time off, what’s your favourite game at the moment?
Luke: Yeah, at the moment I enjoy playing Star Wars Battlefront. I’m a big fan of Star Wars [laughs]!
The Neversphere: Any shout outs?
Luke: Shoutout to my Coaches Simon Carson, Gustavo falcirolli, Moses Bentley, Thiago Stefanutti, Dan Howard, Laos Toohey. Thank you so much for all your support and helping me get myself ready for this fight. Appreciate it guys.

My Training and sparring partners MA1 Apparel, MMA Fight store, Rocktape Australia, and my affiliation with Team Roufusport. Thank you so much for your non stop support in my journey.

Lastly my family, your prayers and support, always grateful! To my mum, dad, my sister and her family. I love you!