It’s been a wild past few months for Bare Bones. The Sydney band announced back in June that not only would they be releasing their debut album Bad Habits, but the record would be coming out via the iconic Resist Records. That said, it would only be fitting to meet up at Resist Records to shoot the breeze over a casual vinyl raid.

Tom and James take us back to where it all began for them. From taking Metallica into show and tell, to buying concert tickets to the first time, to getting busted for politicising plane-clothes day…right up to the ‘accidental influence’ or Faith No More.

While they seem to disagree on where or not Ride The Lightening is the best Metallica album, the both land firmly on Rage Against The Machine’s The Battle For Los Angeles which is, quite frankly, something we all can get down with.

Bare Bones gave us a peak behind the curtains of the album with Thick As Thieves, revealing a brutal take on Southern Hardcore with hints of Aussie twang. Fortunately, we only have to wait until Friday, 19th May to catch more.