In a matter of days, US hard-rock veterans Trapt will be ticking something off the bucket list that’s no doubt been bothering them the most of the past two decades – Tour Australia. Judging by the immediate and batshit crazy dash for tickets post-announce, it’s clear their Australian fans have been waiting for such a moment in a state of cat-like readiness.

For damn year 20 years, we’ve patiently looked on as the band released a score of records, starting with 2002’s self-title debut, which received commercial airplay at the time, right up until last years DNA. Now, with mere days before their arrival on Aussie soil, we spoke with frontman Chris Brown, who revealed all they were waiting for was someone to take a risk…


The Neversphere: You must be buzzed to finally be bringing the show Down Under
Chris: Oh man, we’re so excited. We can’t work out why we haven’t come to Australia. Well, the reason is we haven’t had any Australian promoters offer to bring us over and take a risk. So, we were already playing in Okinawa with Papa Roach and a bunch of other bands in July. I figured we were going to be in that area let’s see what we can make happen in Australia. We asked our agent if they knew any people in Australia, they knew a guy who took the risk. Tickets went on sale that first day and it was just crazy, we going to have some very successful shows.
The Neversphere: I imagine you got some immediate feedback once it was announced. How did the tour news go down with your Australian fans?
Chris: It was amazing. I just put up [on socials] a little poster thing, with the five dates on it and all of that, with ticket links. We had like, 1000 to 1500 people buy tickets in the first day [Laughs]. It’s was pretty nice.
The Neversphere: Were you aware that you had such a strong following here? Or was this all a total surprise for you guys?
Chris: I wasn’t really surprised. We’ve had so many fans reach out to us from there like ‘We really want to see you!’ They thought we’d do really well there. So, as soon as we had the opportunity, we had to make it happen. We found the right promoter with Metropolis, they’re seem really happy about it too.
The Neversphere: Talk me through the live show. We’ve got nothing to go by other than YouTube videos. What’s in store for us?
Chris: We’re gonna ask our fans what songs they want to hear for sure. We’ll play a few songs from each album we’ve put out. It’s going to be an eclectic night. We’ll bring a lot of heat; A lot of energy. We’re going to let people let go of everything, all their negativity. It’s going to be a great time.
The Neversphere: Have any of the band members been here at all?
Chris: No, none of us have been there! It’s going to be great we’re all so excited.
The Neversphere: That means you have to do all those ‘First touring band things’ like Hugging a koala, feeding a Kangaroo, going to Bondi Beach…
Chris: Oh yeah, we have to do that. You’ll have to let us know where to go to do all that kinda stuff.
The Neversphere: My personal journey with Trapt began back in 2002, when I heard Headstrong played on a commercial radio station that is usually reserved for the Ed Sheerans and Adeles of the world. Did you know you were getting so much attention Down Under at that point?
Chris: No, not at all…I think it would be cool to see if we go back to that same station. That’d be pretty cool for fans like yourself who heard the song on that station that now plays a bunch of pop [Laughs].
The Neversphere: It was a solid moment, one of my first to aggressive music. It was a slippery slope from there…
Chris: That’s awesome, man. I love hearing that stuff. So, they’re playing pop now…Do they occasionally play a rock song now?
The Neversphere: So rarely, man.
Chris: Wow, [Laughs] Lame.
The Neversphere: You released your latest album DNA in August last year. But judging by your release date, I imagine you’re already working on the next record?
Chris: Yeah, we’re going to probably start writing over the summer. Then we’ll refine the songs probably by October then we’ll spend the rest of the year hanging out and working on songs, then we’ll probably hit the studio next year. Then aim for a Summer (our Winter) release in 2018.
The Neversphere: Will we have to wait as long to see that one live?
Chris: I hope not. Not now. You can’t just put up the money yourself and just fly over to another country…You gotta have someone putting together the pieces; Take care of our transportation, flying us around to the cities that are too far to drive, providing us with the equipment that we need…You need someone who knows what they’re doing, and make sure everything goes right.

But everything seems to be going great. Tickets went crazy straight out of the gates, and we’re coming to Australia…

…I’m going to drink me some Australian beer.


Trapt Australian Tour Dates
Tickets on sale now

Tuesday, July 4
Amplifier, Perth
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Wednesday, July 5
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Thursday, July 6
Melbourne – Evelyn Hotel
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Friday, July 7
Sydney – The Bald Faced Stag
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Saturday, July 8

Brisbane – Crowbar
Tickets: Metropolis Touring