With very little warning, Massachusetts trio PVRIS rocked the majority of our socks back in 2014 with their glorious full-length debut White Noise. Following an extensive period of touring, writing and recording, the group are now preparing to do it all again with their sophomore body of work All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, set for release digitally and otherwise on Friday, 11th August.

Already the band have set free a number of cuts from the record, What’s Wrong, Heaven and Half. However, rather than shedding light on the album, the tracks have done the total opposite in fact, showcasing just how sprawling the release will be, touching on the furthest reaches of their soundscape; testament to the fact that Heaven/Hell will feature a PVRIS we’re yet to experience.

One thing’s for sure: in the space between albums PVRIS’s Australian fanbase didn’t dwindle one bit. The trio were pulled back to our shores for the second time in their short career, this time in support of local heroes The Amity Affliction. While in town, we caught up with the band to speak about the space between albums, and what’s to come next.