For Episode 1, our Dojo Raider Jake Stone learnt about the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the hard way. In Episode 2, he finds himself in more familiar territory: throwing kicks, knees and elbows in a gym focuses on Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, SRG Thai Boxing.

Muay Thai dates back hundreds of years with techniques perfected over generations, through warfare and one-on-one combat. By the 1920s it had found a more recreational purpose. These days, Muay Thai is one of the biggest sports in Thailand. It’s a combat sport known for a realistic rule set, hard training, balanced life-style, and a strong focus on competition.

Buddhism is closely tied to Muay Thai. At face value, it may seem far removed from the violence displayed in the ring but the philosophy is as integral as the techniques themselves. Maintaining a calm mind in the face of adversity, controlling one’s emotions and understanding that pain is just an obstacle to overcome. And that’s only scratching the surface of the similarities between the practices.

Given it’s proximity to Thailand, Australia has a reputation for developing amazing Thai boxers like John ‘Wayne’ Parr and Nathan Corbett. It was this reputation (and the promise of sun and waves) that brought SRG Founder Luis Regis to Australia. Luis tells Jake about starting off in construction to pay the bills and how he got to running his own gym, the Thai way…