It’s been a wild 12 months for The Beautiful Monument. Since the release of their debut album I’m The Sin, TBM’s growth can only be described as exponential. The bands profile grew in Australia, while it began to kick off overseas, putting the band in the sweet, chewy centre of breaking big.

Recently, they dropped the gripping visuals for their new single Sins, the very last gem on the album located right at the depths of the tracklist. This is clearly no accident. Sins is a departure from the rest of the record, in fact it channels all the dynamics; the flux and flow of the whole album, and surgically stables it together into a 3-and-a-half-minute journey.

Even the most casual of fans could tell this band is onto something. The next big step will be supporting Tonight Alive on their Back To Beginnings headline tour, putting The Beautiful Monument in front of some pretty big crowds. The trio are itching for it…


The Neversphere: There’s so many great venues on the list for the Tonight Alive run. Are you as excited for this as the fans are? 
Andy: We have played the corner hotel before which, I think is the largest venue on the tour. We’re all really excited. After we released the album, we weren’t sure what to expect, but then we started to get on these shows and it all happened really quickly!

We recorded in May last year, so it’s been over a year now. We’ve all got a bunch of photos and videos from the tour, when we go through them it feels like forever ago, even though the album only came out not too long ago. It was our first time at a proper studio, so we learnt a lot about writing, and producing and really making the most of our songs. It was a great process, we hadn’t been through that before.

The process was what I was expecting, but it was pretty brutal. When we recorded our EP, it was very straight forward. We went in with the songs, and came out with the same songs. But working with Sonny Truelove, and writing the album, there was a lot of work, and a lot of change put into it, which is what made the album what it is. We’re stoked on it now, but at the time it was very…not confronting, but it did push us to find our sound.
The Neversphere: It’s not always the best thing to be comfortable with art…
Andy: Yes! I don’t think you’d ever grow. You don’t want to release an album that has no diversity, or has the same sound the whole way through, so we needed that…The feedback we’ve gotten has been really great, especially from the fans who were around from the EP, who really heard the change.
The Neversphere: Sins in an incredible clip. It’s so full on! Was is as much fun to make as it is to watch? 
Andy: It was, actually. We had a really good time filming this one. But, you can thank Kieran Ellis-Jones, who came up with the concept, he also did the video for Disorder. When we sent him this track, he had this vision – he has such a good imagination; He came up with the concept. It was really fun to film too, because it was different locations and we got all our friends involved too, who are all the hooded figures. I feel like we filmed over many, many weeks, because there were so many locations and so many people involved, but once it all came together we thought it was a really good video.
The Neversphere: The clip is an amazing spectacle. What are some of the themes of the track that resulted in such a intense video? 
Andy: It’s about broken love; someone who may not be the best for you but you stick around, and you’re stuck in this dynamic with them. The song itself is very different to other songs on the album, which is why we left it until last. So, if you make it all the way to the end, there’s a surprise. Hearing it in the studio, we were like ‘Oh…this one is very different, I don’t know…’ But we’re absolutely thrilled that it’s on the record.

The Neversphere: What lessons from I’m The Sin will you be bringing with you to the next album process, if any at all?
Andy: We learnt a lot about timing a release, and the promo that goes with it which we had never done. We’ve got a good bunch of friends who help us, because we aren’t with an agency or management, so we’re just taking in what we see from other bands, what we see online and put it all together – Just try and do it right.

We have plans to record February or March of next year. By the time you record, compared to when you release it, it can be a long time. you have to go back into the studio to make sure everything is ready. We’re not boxing in the album at the moment. We’re just going to write as much as we can, and take it back to the studio. We’re going back to Sonny who we trust to pick the best songs, and make them the most they can be but at this stage, we aren’t sticking to any themes right now.
The Neversphere: There’s going to be a stack of people at these shows, what do you have in store for them all? 
Andy: A really energetic show, if you haven’t seen us before. It should hopefully be a good performance. For this who have seen us before, we’re hoping to add something to the set. It should be good. I get nervous about tours and things cos i’m like “Uhh…People…”. We’re going to a few places we haven’t been before, like Wollongong…actually…I think that’s the only one we haven’t been to.

We also haven’t played with a similar genre to what Tonight Alive is before. We always get put onto the heavier shows, so it’ll mean a new crowd.
The Neversphere: The tour will keep you busy until November, what’s on the cards for The Beautiful Monument for the rest of the year?
Andy: BIGSOUND is coming up, that’s before the tour. The rest of the band is all from Brisbane, so we’ll be crashing with family. Then a few little show announcements for next year that we can’t say yet…

…But it’ll be good


The Beautiful Monument
Supporting Tonight Alive

Tickets available now. 

Tuesday,  October 31
The Basement, Canberra
Tickets: Live Nation

Wednesday,  November 1
Uni Bar, Wollongong
Tickets: Live Nation

Thursday, November 2
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
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Friday, November 3
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
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Saturday, November 4
The Zoo, Brisbane
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Thursday, November 9 (All Ages)
Fowlers Live, Adelaide
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Friday, November 10
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
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