For those of you who’ve been paying attention, you’ll be well aware that Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin, oh they of Cheez TV fame were back in the game. Following years of radio silence from the beloved duo, it seems there may never be silence again in the world of Cheez, with the launch of their new Twitch series Cheez Live, popping off every Sunday from 7pm AEST. We thought we’d get the boys to bring us up to speed over a few arcade games at Sydney Barcade 1989.

Though powered by their hilarious dynamic, plenty of innuendo, talk of cartoons and video games, and of course the odd appearance of Cundell, Cheez Live is about as close to Cheez TV as humanly possible. Though this time, it’s all on Jade and Ryan to make it work, with some help from their producer Nathan. Focusing more so on video games than anything else, Cheez Live allows Cheezoids the opportunity to communicate directly with the hosts, almost like a 2017 version of the letters and drawings people would send into the show.

After a rightful thrashing on TMNT and Street Fighter, the guys sit down to talk us through the genesis of Cheez TV, how they ended up on the show together, the craziness of being the first TV show in Australia with a website, and bring us right up to speed with what’s on the cards for Cheez Live – guest appearances, giveaways, and plenty of lols ahoy.

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about your Battlefield 1 challenge, boys. Team NVRSPHR is ready and waiting.