The trip from Adelaide to Sydney’s Luna Park is one that Daniel Currie hopes to make worth his while. He’s traversing a solid chunk of the country to step into the cage under the BRACE banner for the first time to face the young, and confident, Cameron Rowston. Representing ISOHEALTH, Currie is looking to make his mark on the always exciting middleweight division by walking away from BRACE 51 with a decisive victory.

Despite the age gap, and residing in different states, Currie and Rowston are well aware of each other. They aren’t mincing words either, promising a fight that those in attendance on October 28 won’t soon forget. With only days left until he has to perform, Daniel fills us in on how he got involved in MMA, what he makes of his opponent and his words, and more.

Daniel Currie ISOHealth

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Daniel: …I train out of ISOHEALTH in Adelaide. Our head coach is Matt Jones and assistant coach Nathan Semmens. I’ve been at ISOHEALTH since 2015 and trained at Infinite MMA under John Campbell in Ballarat prior to that. My main training partner is Matt Dockrill, who is another middleweight at ISOHEALTH. Then, there are a host of other guys with different body types and skill sets to give different looks and keep my game evolving.
The Neversphere: What’s the MMA scene like in Adelaide?
Daniel: The Adelaide scene is mirroring that of the nation. It’s growing and there are a number of exciting and promising guys coming out of S.A. The local promotion, Diamondback, recently held 2 title fights and both were won by local guys against very highly touted international and interstate opponents.
The Neversphere: When you got started in martial arts, did you intend to compete in MMA from the get-go or did you take a different route to get here?
Daniel: I began training as a means to keep fit and to do something competitive because I was losing interest in AFL, which I had always played. I’d been interested in martial arts but never had a gym nearby until this point in time. I was lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing gym with a phenomenal coach and I was hooked. I’ve always had a competitive streak and naturally, the goal for me was to fight.
The Neversphere: Cameron Rowston is coming into this fight extremely confident. In an interview, he said that he expects you to “lead with [your] face, shoot for sloppy single legs and eat [his] lead hand strikes all night”. What do you make of these comments?
Daniel: Cam obviously likes to talk. I’d prefer to let my fighting do the talking but if that’s what he’s expecting then he’s in for a very rough night.
Daniel Currie Brace 51

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The Neversphere: You’ve been fairly active with 3 fights in 2017, do you feel this will be of advantage to you come October 28?
Daniel: I certainly do feel like this will be an advantage. I’ve had to prepare for a variety of opponents this year which has ensured I continue to round out my game and not neglect any aspect of MMA. I’ll be ready for whatever happens.
The Neversphere: You’re obviously focused on your upcoming fight but should everything go to plan, what’s next for you?
Daniel: I’m taking a trip to Japan shortly after this fight then will come back and set a plan for the next 12 months. I do believe that Diamondback will be having another show here in Adelaide early next year so will likely set my sights on that to kick the year off. Competing in front of a home crowd is always a thrill.
The Neversphere: We cover music and gaming, as well as MMA. So I have to ask, what’s your walkout song for Brace 51 going to be?
Daniel: I haven’t picked one yet, but I’m a fan of rap/hip-hop for walkouts. Or perhaps I’ll go with Johnny Cash, or something like that. We’ll have to wait and see!

The Neversphere: Before we let you go, what’s your go-to game at the moment?
Daniel: I play some games on the Xbox but not as much lately. Online shooters are a favourite, but I don’t mind RPG’s and some of the sports games as well. The last game I got hooked on badly was Fallout 4. It took many, many hours away from me when it first came out [laughs]
Oh, us too Daniel, us too…never forget, another settlement needs our help!