After the audio counterpart received thunderous applause on both airwaves and headphones the nation over, Sons of Melbourne’s thriving rock scene, As A Rival, return to give their latest single Bring Out The Dead the service it deserves, with its own official visuals. The video comes just in time to spread the word of the bands upcoming tour dates that see As a Rival meander their way throughout Mainland Australia, with a cheeky stop off in Tassie.

The video stimulant for Bring Out The Dead is simple – but simple is all that was needed to make full impact. Remove the smoke and mirrors, and we’re left with a snarling track being belt out by band members who know how to rock out. The tracks hook is as effecting as ever, sinking straight into your epidermis. Bring Out Your Dead is an unholy concoction of punk attitude with rock sensibilities. Somewhere along the lines this band released they knew how to mix the two, and while we don’t expect them to reveal their secret, here’s hoping they just don’t stop.

And chances are, they won’t – Bring Out The Dead spells the impending arrival of their album. For much of the recent past, As A Rival have been hauled up in a studio whittling away at the release with the legend Tom Larkin at his new base of Homesurgery Recordings.

To get more perspective on the clip, the track, and the upcoming shows, we spoke with Frontman and guitarist Pete Cerni.
The Neversphere: Bring Out The Dead has been killing it since its release, before we get to the clip, I’d like to know how it feels that the track has gone down so well!
Pete: Relief. Pride. Excitement. It’s a watershed moment for us. It has been a very big year on so many levels, both positive and negative. We are so proud of what we have created and to finally be able to share it with everyone is always a scary moment. The response has been overwhelming, and now we can’t wait to share the rest of the album.
The Neversphere: Thematically speaking, what did you address with Bring Out The Dead?
Pete: The song is about the struggle from within. The little voice that always niggles at the back of your mind. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is it still valid? These are questions I always find I ask myself. And they are the questions that you need to drive you forward and push yourself to do better. But they can also bring out the bad in us – bring out the dead. It’s about managing them and channelling it into something positive. We still have something to say. Something to give. This song is talking about how to combat those thoughts.
The Neversphere: It truly is an alchemy of rock and punk sensibilities. I’d love to know what you guys were listening to when you wrote the track!
Pete: To be totally honest I wasn’t listening to anything else. [Producer] Tom Larkin gave us the task to go and write 50 songs in a 2-month block. So I was setting aside 2 hours a night to sit in my writing space and just play guitar. Something I have never done. It was one of the best experiencing in my life creatively. I literally was recoding ideas daily and then listening to them on my way to work, at the gym, anytime I had time to play music. My influences vary immensely, but I always come back to creating music that I want to hear. The last 5 years the biggest has been Biffy Clyro, who seem to ride that wave between multiple genres and create some really great music. It was the most liberating experience that I have had and I think it really shows in the output.
The Neversphere You guys went with a straight-up performance clip, which really allows the song to shine through. Was this a deliberate decision?
Pete: [Laughs] this was NOT a deliberate decision. We are really big on creating visual pieces and stories that complement the songs we release. We had planned this ambitious piece to go with the single months ago. However, things kept falling through with directors, and then time just got the better of us and we found ourselves without a clip on the eve of releasing the single. We were pretty much defeated. And I was gutted as vid clips are so essential to promoting the music these days.
The Neversphere: In my experience, the people behind the clip never get enough attention. Who made the video possible for you guys?
Pete: I met the director, Andrew Basso, from Electrum Photography at a Captives video shoot on the Saturday. Things had fallen through again on the following Tuesday and I contacted him asking if he wanted to run the gauntlet and create a performance piece that same day. He was keen and we made it happen. The result is above anything we expected at this point of the process. In saying that I think the piece is fucking rad and really suits the song. Within 8 hours we were set up in his factory and recording. We started at 9pm and I was in bed by 4:30am. Basso brought the goods.
The Neversphere: Where is your head at with a greater release? Will there be an album announcement once people have sunk their teeth into the new video?
Pete: Yes, the album is done. We are going to release another single in the coming months and then make some announcements about the album release. It’s all about timing and getting all the ducks aligned. Trust me. We want it out right now, but we want to make sure we do this right.
The Neversphere: You have some tour dates with some amazing artwork. What can fans expect from the upcoming shows?
Pete: Loud. Tight. Anthemic tunes. A mixture of new and old tracks that people can sink their teeth into. We have really focused on our live show to make it the best we have ever produced. And it really adds to the live show. We want people to connect and to fucking dance.

Now, without any future ado…


As A Rival Australian Tour Dates
Tickets available now

Friday, April 13
Chippo Hotel, Sydney
w/ This Time Only, LAST, Fiveash
Tickets: As A Rival

Saturday, April 14
Ed Castle, Adelaide
w/ Scum of the Surf, Ripcord, The Cosmonauts
Tickets: As A Rival

Friday, April 20
Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
w/ The Hudson Cartel, Cardinels, The Midways, Come Knights
Tickets: As A Rival

Saturday, April 28
Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne
with Japan For, The DieCasts, Break The Gallows
Tickets: As A Rival