As kids, our parents told us that we were rotting our brains away playing video games, that they were a waste of time. Their parents told them TV was brain rot, the radio to the parents before that, all the way back to Conrad Gressner in the 1500s, insisting that books weren’t good for us. Well, it’s 2018 now and people are out there making a killing just by playing mindless video games.

If you’re wasting away behind a desk watching streamers (while you’re meant to be working), just waiting to get home to have your turn to play, then maybe you should consider eSports. “But Schilburger, where would I even start?” I hear you ask. A starting point could be the eSports Academy at Microsoft’s flagship store in Sydney’s CBD (in New York too, for the Seppos out there).

They’ve started an initiative to educate and nurture future talent in the industry. This temporary academy will bring together a range of speakers from within the community, from professional players to commentators, to share their insights and practical tips for attendees.

Image: Ogilvy

Image: Ogilvy

We see a lot of excitement and engagement around video games at the Microsoft Store” says Max Ferfoglia, Gaming Community Manager at the Microsoft Store in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall. “This event is all about bringing the gaming community at Microsoft Store together with some of the top talent in Australia so people can learn more about eSports, how to improve their game and also hear about the pathways that exist to get into the industry.”

The event will involve a live Q&A and practical sessions, with feedback from professional Australian eSports players. Attendees will also get first-hand experience with Shoutcasting, team management and, understanding of the broad range of pathways and roles that exist for anyone interested in the industry. According to Danny ‘DK’ Kim from the ESL Australia team, “…this partnership with Microsoft Store helps us to share some of our knowledge and experience about eSports and give people a chance to get up close and personal with some of the leading talent in the industry.”

The eSports Academy will be open from Monday 16th April 2018 to Sunday, 22nd April 2018. Registrations are now open here. If you choose to rock up, you’ll find the likes of Danny ‘DK’ Kim, Jayke ‘Jayke’ Paulsen, Rohan ‘Brucy’ Bruce, Laura ‘Saerianne’ Scott, and Iain ‘SnypeR’ Turner there, ready to drop some knowledge.

For more info, and to check out the latest events, check out the Microsoft Store website.