With less than a week to go, the coveted Ferguson-Nurmagomedov fight has been cancelled…for the fourth time.

Tony Ferguson (23-3) apparently injured his knee when greeting a friend earlier in the week, much to the dismay of fight fans the world over. Instead of fighting for the Undisputed Lightweight Title (currently held by one Conor McGregor), UFC 223 will be headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov (25-0) and the 145lb champion Max Holloway (19-3), who will step up to 155lb on short notice.

In the lead up to UFC 223, Dana White said that he will wait until Ferguson and Nurmagomedov get into the cage to strip McGregor of his belt. Whether White will continue with this plan is yet to be seen but be sure that McGregor will look for a way to work this in his favour. The luck of the Irish no doubt playing a role.
Ferguson released a statement venting his frustration with the situation. Khabib replied on Instagram warning “Just want to advise you, don’t talk too much anymore.” Clearly both men are over waiting and hopefully both are keen to rebook the fight for later in the year.

Tony heal up man. Just want to advise you, don’t talk too much anymore. Lot of thoughts in my head right now, but I don’t want to become like you. Hope, this lesson will teach you watch your mouth. ❗️ На счёт этой ситуации я просто хочу сказать Тони: больше не болтай, в голове конечно много мыслей, на тебя похожим не буду, надеюсь этот урок научит тебя следить за языком. #ready #ufc223 #Alhamdulillah #победатолькоотВсевышнего

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When it comes to the clearly cursed fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov, let’s hope that it’s the fifth time that’s the charm.

As the long wait continues, we still have an incredible main event to look forward to at UFC 223. Holloway seems confident coming in, posting a criptic image on his instagram with the hashtag UFC223. Should everything go well for him, maybe we’ll see Holloway strive for the chance to be a two weightclass champion. Though we haven’t heard from the current lightweight champion McGregor on the matter, he’ll surely have something to say soon.

Battle between King Cobra and Reticulated Python. Both dead when found #UFC223

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Hopefully the injury didn’t have anything to do with these conditioning methods.