Brisbane-based Prog Rockers Sum Of Us might only be the new kids on the block, but that hasn’t stopped the troupe from causing serious waves on the scene. In the time it’s taken them to release their debut single Forrest, Sum Of Us have started to prick up ears all over the country with their penchant for complicated, technical and straight-up brutal soundscapes.

Following the release of Forrest, and with their full focus on a more encompassing EP release in the near future, the group have welcomed the rest of us into their inner circle with a brand new mini-doco, giving fans a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the group, their genesis and their creative process. Streaming below, the brief, but effective video offering features members Jamie Swanson, Jeremy Field, Jasper Webb, Bryce Carleton and Dane Pulvirenti, each offering their unique take on a variety of questions.

Should some of those names seem familiar, well, you’re not wrong. Sum Of Us is comprised of members from some of Brisbane’s most important acts including Osaka Punch, Kodiak Empire and Red In Tooth. As a result, Sum Of Us is the sound of a small crowd of credible musicians bringing their own vibe to the table, and boy does it work.

Nothing is too revealing for the endearing video, which gives the members an opportunity to air some of their most personal stories related to the band. As a result, it’s goddamn impossible to not connect with these dudes on a human level. In other words, good luck not loving this band after watching it.

You’ve been warned.