The cold, cruel claws of winter might be sinking in but with their new single Gusto, Indiago have given us a sonic blanket to lose ourselves in. The Adelaide group have shared the song for the first time today, via The Neversphere and is available Friday, May 18th.

Gusto is so simple, yet so effective. Rather than leaning on smoke, mirrors, or over the top production, Gusto is purely the vocal bliss of frontman Will Solomon gently aided by dreamy, looping guitars and dappled drums. The song ebbs and flows in its energy, climaxing with a crescendo that begs the listener, nay, forces us on a primal level to close our eyes, lean back, and exhale.

Speaking of the track, Solomon explains “There’s this idea of someone sticking by your side, regardless of the outcome, free of selfishness, and full of encouragement.” He adds, “We’ve been through a lot of changes over the past twelve months, I think this is a perfect example of where we’re at musically, and the song stands as a dedication to those who’ve stuck with us.”

Gusto follows in the footsteps of the bands previous release Loose Change. Together, the tracks strongly hint at a band that is not only talented but wise beyond their years; old souls, as it were. We dare say this band will one day be filling similar sized stadiums to their influences: Kings Of Leon and Foo Fighters.

Without any further ado it’s time to shake off the icicles and let the uplifting and soulful vibes of Gusto defrost not just your fingers…but your soul too.


Indiago ‘Gusto’ Single Launch
Friday, May 18th
Jive, Adelaide
Tickets: Facebook