After a noticeable absence from the limelight, Story of the Year once again graced the shores and stages of Australia to give fans down under the chance to see the band live for the first time in a long while. Having released Wolves last year, we had the opportunity to hear the new tunes played live, alongside the classics we all know and love. To celebrate, we took the band’s lead vocalist Dan Marsala and drummer Josh Wills shopping at Sydney’s (recently relocated) Resist Records, the home of so much sweet, sweet vinyl.

The fellers go through some of their favourite albums and talk about how they’ve moulded the band, and people, they are today. From skating and listening to Pennywise back in ’95 and trying to play along with Lagwagon, to stealing inspiration from Nathan Gray of Boysetsfire, Dan and Josh give some insight into the records that mean the most to them.