The Neversphere

From where you've never been…

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John Wayne Parr tells us about his Muay Thai inspiration and what keeps him competing at the age of 41.

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Death In Bloom

Why are we doing this? Why do we work so much? Why do we value the things we do?

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“I kind of don’t really give a shit about the politics any more. But in the beginning that’s what put the evil sickness in us”

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Dandy Warhols

“I think there’s about 136 Dandy Warhol songs now or something. You just can’t play them all, my arms would fall off. “

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Petrol Girls

“There seems to be a level of feminism that the mainstream is comfortable with but if you’re pushing it any further all of a sudden you’re going too far”

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Image: Sounds Of The Suburbs
Jack Colwell

“The beauty of collaboration is that it holds you accountable – together”

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The Pretty Littles

“Maybe that’s too idealistic, but hopefully we can make somebody see something different…or they can fuck off.”

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