The Neversphere

From where you've never been…

God Of War
Sabrina Promo

“…The reality is everyone knows someone who’s struggling whether it’s secretly or openly”

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Story Of The Year
Slow Talk

“…The song is a reminder to steer away from such dismissive and destructive thinking.”

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The Hard Aches

“Death Before Disco is very much about being gaslighted in a relationship, where you’re made to feel like you’re the problem…”

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Stray From The Path

“People tried to intimidate us to stop doing what we’re doing, saying we shouldn’t do it. But, here we are”

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As A Rival

“The response has been overwhelming, and now we can’t wait to share the rest of the album.”

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Zeal & Ardor
Steel Panther

Beneath the hairspray, coke binges and big hair lies a band who had to grind to get to where they are, as Steel Panther’s vocalist explains.

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