The Neversphere

From where you've never been…

Jake Stone with John Kavanagh holding Conor Mcgregor's belt at the SBG Seminar in Sydney

“Right now the challenge of fighting an undefeated boxer is what’s getting him up in the morning…”

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Code Breakers

“There are lots of studies that show the positive impact of gaming in general and how information is learned and retained due to the practical or learn-by-doing approach that games have…”

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Hands Like Houses

“You have to pave your own path, and also back yourself; have a backbone on things…”

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Touche Amore
Make Them Suffer

“With each album we want to reinvent ourselves, that’s the point we’re at now…”

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Cheez TV

“It was our secret little thing that we did. It didn’t feel like thousands of people were going to watch it…”

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Justice For The Damned

“When it comes down to it, we all know what the vision is…”

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“There’s a lot sadness; a lot of cynicism…There’s a little glimpse of hope here and there…”

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“…We’ll bring a lot of heat; A lot of energy. We’re going to let people let go of everything, all their negativity. It’s going to be a great time.”

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