The Neversphere

From where you've never been…

New Found Glory

“…It’s weird being in a band this long, and doing songs from 20 years ago, but knowing what we’re capable of now…”

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Drown This City

“If we don’t get those opportunities we’re ready to do everything ourselves”

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The Dives

“I’m not going to pretend that I know about the world-at-large and the interplay of political powers, that’s not really what I can speak confidently about or, truly, want I want to talk about…”

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“It can go either way when you take a break for 8 years. Sometimes the anticipation builds, sometimes people move on. I’m just glad they hadn’t…”

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“There is that moment when all of a sudden you realise what you’ve been building…”

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Miss May I

“It’s crazy because you don’t ever think about it until the record’s done, and once it was done, we were just just like whoa…this is next-level what we wanted…”

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Mark Spence
Bare Bones

“If you’re under 30, and didn’t love this album…you’re lying to yourself…”

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He Is Legend

“It’s an interesting situation right now because the world is changing. We’re all seeing it. As of now, we realise that there’s a lot of fucked up things going on, and what do you do with that?…”

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