The Neversphere

From where you've never been…

Protest The Hero

“Without the IndieGoGo campaign I don’t think we’d be around anymore. “

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Suicide Silence

“I’ve not seen such a pointless reaction to music in a long time, which means we’re doing something right…”

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While She Sleeps

Mastodon to Brand New and everything in between.

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“I think that there is a large part of the population who are into different styles and can accept that and follow us. “

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Ocean Grove at Earl's Juke Joint

We shoot the breeze at Newtown’s beloved Earl’s Juke Joint

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“I’ve learnt that people are really afraid of being confronted with themselves…”

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Twelve Foot Ninja

“The listeners perception is everything. My perception starts and ends with the creation and release of the album. Once it’s released, it’s for everyone else to interpret.”

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Good Night Out

“We want to make sure everyone is on board with what we’re talking about.”

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Aversions Crown

“Everything just felt heavy, angry and evil and all that stuff; we didn’t feel like we wanted to tone it down at all…This is where we’re at. “

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