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“Our best chance of survival would be to contain an outbreak early by overpowering and removing zombies from the streets.”

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“…Mental illness is a life sentence – there is no cure – but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence.”

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Sabrina Promo

“…The reality is everyone knows someone who’s struggling whether it’s secretly or openly”

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Source: Facebook

#DeleteFacebook may not be as simple as Deleting Facebook, Australian study shows.

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“That probably has been the biggest surprise – the amount of engagement just from people who have listened”

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Nerd Nite

“Heckling is highly encouraged…”

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“There are a lot of conspiracy theories about thylacine being introduced into the mainland…”

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Image: Twitter

“It’s a rocket, just like any other rocket, it runs on physics, not magic.”

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Cheez TV

“It was our secret little thing that we did. It didn’t feel like thousands of people were going to watch it…”

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Mental Health

“It’s a high pressure industry that’s prone to lots of anxiety and depression and ignoring it makes it a big problem…”

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